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BMW, India, Mumbai.non-avaibility of core parts & lethargic attitude of service center

To, 13/10/09

Sub : complaint about non-avaibility of parts & appalling service from authorised service centre.

I bought bmw-530-d in march-09 from bmw-infinity car p. Ltd. , mumbai, india. The car regn. No mh-04-dw-6796 is registered in the name of m/s metro exporters p. Ltd c/o, mr. Bharat kamdar. We have gone for platinum package as well as a secure package as offered by bmw.

In continuation with the above details, I would like to inform that i, as a customer owning a car worth inr 5million, am wholly dissatisfied with the car and the services provided by the authorised dealers of bmw in india.

My dissatisfaction with the car started approximately before 3months to date or for a fact 3months after the purchase of the car. The rear left side window’s glass once rolled down wouldn’t come up. After 15 minutes of trying when nothing worked and since monsoons were on-going in mumbai I frantically called up the authorised service center of infinity motors, mumbai to inform them of the problem and to get it resolved immediately. To my surprise they wouldn’t give me appointment before 7-8 days since they were completely booked. After explaining them the situation that if the glass would not roll up & if the rains started again (Which had halted for sometime then) then the whole interior and the upholstery would be ruined, they accomodated me and gave me an instant appointment to resolve the problem. Luckily after 20 minutes the window glass started working properly & it rolled up. So I cancelled my so called & lsquo;accomodated appointment’ and I took the appointment for a later date for a complete check-up to avoid such urgent problems in future.

My contention - how can inr 5 million with a repute of bmw run in to such problems just after 3 months of purchase. Please explain.

On the appointment date the car was checked by the service center and they concluded that it was just a & lsquo;one time’ problem and it would not occur again since the check had shown no flaws in the car. To my surprise just after 2-3 weeks when the car was parked in my compound the same window glass automatically rolled down. Luckily the driver was around and it wasn’t raining and the car was parked in my compound. I called up the service center and spoke severely to the service manager to resolve the problem once and for all. He gave an appointment and after the second check-up it was concluded that the winder motor has to be replaced. I was relieved temporarily and the glass was rolled up with instructions to me to lock the window glass and not to use it unless very urgent till it was replaced. I gave instructions for replacement, but suprisingly the spare (Winder motor) was not available with the service center. The service manager very conviniently told me that since it was not a regular spare they are not stocking it but the same would called for and within a week it would be replaced.

My contention & ndash; if the same situation would arised anywhere in the world other than india then would the reasoning of & lsquo;’not stocking the spare as it is not a regular wear and tear spare’’ be accepted.

My question & ndash; who would have been responsible if the rains had ruined the upholstery and the interiors of the car. Is it not mandatory for service centers to stock atleast 1-2 parts of the whole car so that the replacement of the parts is done as & when required and the customer is not stranded with a faulty car. Why should the customer bear the brunt of non-avaibility of any spare or service after buying a car which is worth a fortune.

The worst is yet to come. After promising the replacement after a week, it is still pending from the service center’s end. Its been a month and there is no follow-up or call from any of the service managers involved informing the status of my work or the avaibility of the spare. Infact I call them up every week to know the status, and on every call I get a new date and a promise for getting my car fixed.

My contention & ndash; why should i, as a customer, not sue the service center and dealers of bmw and ask for appropiate compensation for such ridiculous reasoning and postponement of the repair and replacement work.

My conclusion - I feel there is no difference between a bmw authorised service center and a back street car repair shop, since both of them work on same statistics and same mind sets of taking customers for granted. Inspite of already been charged substantially for a maintainence package the customer is still at the mercy of irresponsible service centers and service managers.

These are the problems faced by me just after 6 months of purchase, whereas I have already entered in to an agreement with bmw in way of platinum package for a period of 3 years and a secure package. As a customer I frankly now do not know what to expect from the service centers in terms of service, but I surely never expected this kind of service and problem from a company called bmw.

I request a practical and logical reply to all my questions and contentions at the earliest, before I approach any other associations to solve my problems. Also inform me as to how the company would compensate me for all the mental stress and follow-up I have gone through due to the reckless and negligent attitude of the whole service team of bmw-india.

Thanking you,

for metro exporters p. Ltd
Mr. Bharat d. Kamdar


  • So
    Sorry that I bought a BMW Apr 29, 2011

    Mr. Kamdar is indeed right! BMW dealers in Mumbai are the most ignorant and arrogant lot of people you will ever meet. Service concept is zero since the dealers and their employees act as if they are doing us customers a favour by letting us buy their cars. They are sugar and honey until they get your advance payment cheque and after that step, God help you!! To be fair, Infinity is better than Navnit Motors but at the end of the day, they are both BAD. And BMW should take note of this fact since their sales will ultimately get affected due to the low service level of their Dealers. I have personally been badly treated by a so-called Dy GM of Navnit (think his name is Engineer) after being promised the world of service initially. The guy refused to answer calls to sort a simple matter out even after 2 months of the vehicle delivery. And their service engineers are even worse. I have been trying to get some accessories fitted but the answer is always "I will check and get back to you"...needless to say that the calls never arrive!!

    BMW India - watch out before your dealers drive customers to competition!!

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  • Ks
    Kshitiz007 May 05, 2011

    Well Mr kamdar, you are facing after sales service but i will share you problem which BMW should be ashamed of .
    I have contacted Mr AMit Ambhore of Bmw Nagpur Dealership in January for Enquiry for X 1 Car . he told me that the car is not available and they will receive it after a week . i asked him to please call me after 1 weeek . since then till now i am following week after week and this shameless has never ever bother to return my call . most the time he dont pick the call and never ever call back. whenever i speak to him, to my surpirse his reply his i dint had your number stored hence cud not call back. i have spoke to him countless times. he had promised ne countless times that he will call me but i have never got a reply from him. in my last discussion he told me thats its not in my hand as i he had not got delivery of a demo car . Then he gives altogether a different reason that we are forced to sell 3 Five series car then only we will get 1 x1 car.
    Well i am shocked that how can BMW on of the wrolds Leading Brand can be so ignorant about these good for nothing employees which are going extent to spoil the image.
    i own few cars out out of them a couple of them are honda cars . Forget about Mercedez BMW cant even complete with honda which has excellent sales and service . I dont know about other cities, but in Nagpur BMW sales and service is [censored] o**.

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  • Mr
    Mrs.Hutoxi z.Contractor Jun 03, 2011

    I bought a new 320d BMW fro Infinity, and i am also facing similiar proble ms . The steering wheel is so damm hard that it is not easy to park the car in mumbai where space is a serious problem . They say that it is not a problem, then how come the new cars arriving have been coming with new soft steering . Now my question is, why is BMW not concerned about the existing customers who have invested in the car worth lacs .Surely they can recall all cars which have stiff steering and satisfy the customers . There is no answer for this problem from them .
    Secondly, there is a clattering sound in the engine, which accordingly to me is louder than other cars of 320d. Again this was shown to the Infinity workshop, and they said that the noise is there in all cars. How simple it is to reply to your customers, as if they have no knowledge whatsoever.
    My ownership experience with forget Mercedes, even Honda cares for its customers is good compared to BMW .
    This is a clear indication that the future of BMW is not bright, so buyers please check out your priorities before you buy the BMW Brand.

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  • Jo
    Joji Jacob Mar 28, 2012

    I have purchased a BMW X1 from their Chennai dealer (Kun Exclusive) on 4th Nov. 2011 and they have delivered a defective vehicle. As I reside in Cochin, I have started communicating with them where I have not received a proper response and action.
    Hence I approached BMW India New Delhi and exchanged many emails and telephone calls without getting a reasonable response, action and respect to a customer where they used to repeat the same words of the dealer; as if the guys in BMW customer relation is paid by the dealer Kun Exclusive.
    Finally I took up the matter with BMW Germany customer care and my repeated reminders ended up saying 'your complaint has been forwarded to concerned dept..
    (Please see the complaints registered with BMW India below).
    I am fed up with this irresponsible BMW as they force me to drive an unsafe vehicle. Finally I have decided to take up with the legal system as well as to the people in the country.
    We (few NGO's and media guys extended support) are preparing to do road shows in Cochin - two bullocks will be pulling my BMW X1 on the streets and highways - as well as we will be distributing brochures detailing my complaints and how BMW treated it in front of BMW Cochin show room for the next few months.
    If any one having issues with BMW, please join with me as your support is verymuch encouraging(contact me at: [protected] And we are here to support those looking for help about BMW's arrogant attitude against a customer.

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  • Ma
    MANU KT May 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ra
    Raj pabreja Nov 05, 2012

    Dnt buy bmw, third class brand of cars.
    With in first 6 months, all 4 tiers bust, windshield cracked, engine problem, more than 60 days in service center, car is not in working condition till now, poor customer service,
    I have wasted my hard earn money..
    Going to consumer court..
    Email : [protected]

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  • Vi
    vikas bhamre Jun 27, 2013

    Res sir,
    Hi Myself Mr.VIKAS, I have purchased BMWx1 0n 24th November 2011, from Navnit Motors, Mumbai, India and I have purchased BSI Ultimate for 5 years with BMW secure, At that time the sales excutive convinced me that “if you purchase BSI Ultimate and BMW secure you will secure for 5 years “and I have purchased the same but…….. no way it’s a BMW (BIG MONEY WASTE) what I realized today, I have complained via mail on June 18, 2013 and given reminder minimum 5 times but as on today no reply, Also I have contacted at customer service, at first time Ms Bhavana Sharma had talked with me and listened the complaint of mine and she said “please give me some time I will contact you soon” but as on today June 27, 2013, she has not contacted yet and I have called her many times but reply is “please give your mobile number our executive will contact you soon”
    MY BMW X1 s battery is failed within one and half year in warrenty period but they are denied to replace just looting the money of customers
    I m Mr. Vikas Bhamre an BMW X1 owner (MH 46 B 0899). I purchased my BMW X1 form the Navneet Motors.
    I even took the :-
    2) BSI ULTIMATE (Paid:- Rs.2, 88, 000/- at the time of purchasing for 5 years maintenance free)
    Because I was been TOLD that if u take THE BMW SECURE AND THE BSI ULTIMATE then u DON'T HAVE TO WORRY for your BMW parts or any fault in it for about 5 YEARS.

    But on 10-06-2013 when I just took my BMW and drove it till 2 kilometers only and just parked my car in the parking lounge and went for shopping. And when I returned back after just 20 mins my BMW was not able to start, I tried to push the start button for a several times but it was unable to start. I suddenly called the BMW TRAVEL ASSISTANCE. I was stucked with my family for about 3 hours leaving that aside. Your man saying that your REPORT is blaming us that we have done some misuse with the battery and asking us to pay Rs.32, 000. And I am a Civil engineer not a Mechanical or an Automobile engineer so, how I can misuse with the battery when I don't have any knowledge how to misuse with it. I didn't even opened the bonnet. And my vehicle is also self driven or single handed till now I have not even kept a driver for my vehicle. So, How can a Owner of such a Branded BMW vehicle will misuse with his own car ? or dare to misuse with his own car ?
    Then, please tell me what is the use of MY PAID MONEY (NOT A small amount BUT A HUGE AMOUNT)againstTHE BSI ULTIMATE, THE BMW SECURE AND INSURANCE. Its a horrible situation that I have paid such a huge amount to make me secure from all the maintainances as your salesman told me but how I expect the secureness in future also.
    If you dont want to pay for the battery then please refund my paid amount against the BSI ultimate And BMW secure with interest because there is no use of that,
    I have not expected that A BMW a world known company will cheat me like this, and also I am suffering from the10th june, my vehicle with you and I am paying the taxi rent daily, so who is responsible for that loss?
    So please do the needful at the earliest otherwise I will move to consumer court and news channels for this issue
    with warm regards,
    Bhamre Vikas,

    Please do the needful at earliest otherwise seriously I will move to consumer court,
    Bhamre Vikas

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  • Ss
    ssgagandeep May 25, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I own a BMW 5 series and I am based in Delhi. It is not just an issue with Mumbai but entire BMW India. I am shocked to see what BMW really offers and the kind of service that you get. Based on the past experiences with BMW Deutsche Motors, Faridabad, I had stopped sending my car to them. One day, I got a call from them that they are recalling cars due to some differential shaft issue and they want to check if my car has this issue or not. I was out country that time and I told them, once I am back, I will send the car.
    Once I was back, I decided to send the car, also my car brake oil service was due so told them to service that too.
    As soon as my car entered the workshop, the service person made me realized that my car was piece of junk now and since it was out of warranty or service pack, most of the car was useless.He mentioned everything from suspension, engine mounting to engine issues to battery issues etc, atleast a dozen of them. I told him that I am not hearing any sound so far. I can understand that bushes do get wear & tear. I wanted it to be reviewed thoroughly before, I go with the replacement.
    Now comes the shock of my life. As soon as the car came from workshop, I decided to take the test drive, I could hear heavy sounds from suspension. It was almost impossible to drive the car. I also noticed that my rear door central locking stopped working which was working fine. I called up BMW service center and they had no clue. I dont know how BMW managed to add these sounds which were not there before the service. Probably that was done intentionally to make me realize that my car really needs everything replaced.
    Few days later, I got a message transmission fault. This was another shocking discovery and then a day later, I heard a huge sound in the engine compartment of the car like something broke. I then got a lot of errors like battery charging failure, car over heating and couple of more that I dont remember now. I was completely stuck on the road. I got it checked there and realized that my car crank shaft pulley was broken and it fell off the engine. I was also told that this was a common issue in BMW . What is more disappointing for me that BMW service person, talked about 10 things which were no way fatal but the most fatal thing, they never talked about. I can understand the expertise level of BMW people.
    The worst part is within a week, the car came from BMW workshop, there were multiple issues which were never there earlier. I can understand the wear and tear but they will fall apart immediately after BMW service? I am sure that this is done intentionally to make as much money from the customer. I understand maintenance of the car is important and I make sure, everything is in top condition.
    Anyway, when I complained the service center, they started given all the excuses and started infact blaming me. One thing they were not able to explain why all the faults, immediately after coming from their workshop. This cannot be just coincidental.
    1. Heavy sound in suspension which was not there earlier.
    2. Central locking not working for the rear door
    3. Transmission fault message
    4. Crankshaft pulley break down.
    I would like to ask BMW employees, if this was your car and you had given your car to workshop and when it comes back, you hear all these issues, will you believe that these were just coincidental? Also only 1 of the above issues were reported by the service person. The most fatal ones and common ones, they had no clue

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