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I bought a brand-new bmw mini cooper d in february 22, 2012. after two days, in the morning (february 24, 2012) , I got big problems. first, the driver door was not opened. second, when I turned my car off, the engine continued to run and the bonnet was hot with smoke and has burning smell for more than 5 minutes. it happened 3 times within 3 hours on that day. this condition has happened again in march 8, 2012 and march 21, 2012. third, the window was opened by itself (i mean, I didn't do anything to open the window. ) four times from february 24, 2012 to march 5, 2012.

I have visited four times the as center since february 24, 2012 (2.24-3.19) to fix the problems. but the as center fixed only the first problem (the driver door was not opened. ) , and they changed the air conditioner compressor. unfortunately, they failed to find out the reasons for other problems.

Those things are a shock for me. how come those things could happen to the brand-new bmw within two days of purchasing it? but more shocking for me is the response of deutsch motors in korea. one of the customer center staff called me on march 19, 2012 and said in an unfriendly manner that the company is going to provide only an accessory made by mini to compensate the inconvenience I had.
Yes, of course, I deserve to have some compensation for the cost of my time, mental stress, inconvenience, and mileages (about 120 km from my place to the as center). but what I really need is confidence that I am concerned by the deutsch motors. I am a customer who is suffering with car troubles since I have bought it. but what the company just wanted is to close this case with mini accessories that I even don't need. this is a very wrong attitude in handling customers. what do you think?

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  • Su
      8th of Jan, 2013

    This complaint does not surprise me. We have had NUMEROUS troubles with my husband's Miini Clubman and the dealer is annoyed with us now for continuing to be a thorn in their side. We have done nothing wrong- we are just trying to get this lemon fixed. The car stalls for no reason- fuel injector is problematic- car has now started guzzling gas. Major troubles yet they still cannot fix it- the troubles have lasted more 3 months- our statement from the last visit to the dealer listed $85, 000 of labor costs!! (obviously these fees were waived because we are under warranty.) My husband had a loaner MIni for so long that they had to call him to bring it in to be serviced!! We are thoroughly disgusted with Mini. My husband has been a loyal BMW/Mini customer for over 10 years- very disappointing customer service.

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