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BMW / service

1 Ft Myers, FL, United States Review updated:

The following is a copy of an email I sent to the gm of ft myers bmw. I copied bmw of north america.
To date the dealership acknowledged that they had over charged $120.00 for the 60000 mile service but have not acknowledged any wrong doing regarding the water pump problem.
Bmw of na called and bascially said there is nothing they can or want to do regarding the situation.
Has anyone else had similar problems?
The ultimate driving machine or the ultimate rip off machine?

Good morning mr. Shepherd,

I recently had some service work performed at your dealership. On thursday, february 25th I dropped off my 2000 z3 for a 60, 000 mile service which had been quoted to me by cindy, your service advisor, to cost $499.00. Thursday afternoon cindy called me to inform that I needed a new alternator and that is would cost $959.00. My initial reaction was shock as I never heard of an alternator costing so much money; cindy said she would ask the service manager for a reduction. I authorized the work to be done. Cindy then told me that the alternator had to overnighted from bmw/na’s warehouse in jacksonville, fl and would probably arrive monday or maybe tuesday.

Cindy then asked me is she could close out the 60, 000 mile service order and I agreed thinking that my credit card on file would be charged something in the low $500.00 range for the work performed.

I did not hear from cindy again until late wednesday afternoon, march 3rd she called to tell me that my car was ready. I told her I would pick it up thursday the 4th.

I arrived at your dealership on the 4th at about 1:30 in the afternoon and was told that cindy was not available but that all I had to do was pay the cashier and be on my way. When the cashier presented me with an invoice of some $1100.00 I asked why it was so much more than the estimate and asked to see the service manager. I was told that the service manager was not available either. I reluctantly paid the bill. I now realize I should have asked if you were on site.

I then asked for a copy of the original invoice for the 60, 000 service work that had been performed the previous week as cindy never bothered to send me a copy. After some trouble finding in your computer system the cashier finally produced an invoice for over $600.00. To say I was shocked cannot really describe my reaction.

Why does your dealership promote false estimating and then present the client with an invoice that far exceeds the quoted amount? Not once but twice.

I had received an email asking for my feedback on the quality of my experience with the original service work preformed and filled it out and sent my remarks back requesting to hear from a representative from both the dealership as well as from bmw of na. To date I have nothing from your organization but I did receive an email from bmw of na requesting additional information.

While waiting to hear from someone I decided to drive my z3, a car which had never caused me any concern, from cape coral, fl back to my home in ma, a trip of some 1500 miles. I had perhaps put 15 or 20 miles on the car since I had picked it from your dealership.

Well, I made it as far as 20 miles from lakeland, fl when I noticed my battery light appeared indicating that my alternator was no longer working and I was draining the battery life. I then noticed the temperature gauge and was shocked to see it in the red zone. I pulled off interstate 4 and called bmw roadside assistance. I was informed that for $120.00 my car could be flat bedded to field’s bmw in lakeland, fl which is where I ended sometime late monday afternoon. I was informed that the water pump froze and broke some belts which caused damage to the radiator housing and possibly the fan as well. Estimated cost was going to be some $1900.00 and probably more when everything was known. I received a loner rental car ad drove to a nearby motel to stay the night. On tuesday morning I realized I no longer had any faith in the performance of my z3 for any long trips so I made arrangements to fly back to ma and have the z3, when it was finished, transported back to ma at a cost of some $700.00. My plane ticket cost $165.00.

I am at present seeking a fl attorney to represent me as I plan to take action against your dealership for poorly preformed service work. I am of the belief that the alternator and new belts were improperly installed and adjusted which caused the damage. It seems there is some agreement to my theory from the service folks at field’s bmw. I will have the parts inspected by an expert to assist my case.

Mr. Shepherd, I am a retired employee of bmw of na and must tell you that I am ashamed of the work performed and the disparity of the rates quoted and charged on the part of your dealership.

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  • Bm
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    If you are considering terminating your lease early from BMW here is what they will tell you:

    You can either hand in the vehicle early and they will auction it and you will owe the difference, or

    You can terminate immediately, owe all the payments for the rest of the lease term and penalties.

    If you Fall Behind in your payments due to financial difficulty,
    They Will:
    - Call every known person that they can find linked to you and inform them you are late on your payments
    - Call your employer and tell them you are late on your payments

    I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A BMW AGAIN. I don't expect pity from any of you for falling behind on my payments and getting into financial difficulty, but this company takes it to a whole different level.

    I owned 3 BMWs over 7 years and I would have thought they would be willing to give me at least a little more time than 3 months before they come after me like a criminal.

    This company and I don't care if it is BMW or the finance company, is the ### of the earth, in my opinion.

    If you feel proud about owning a BMW, think very carefully. This co will stab you in the back the first chance it gets.

    I truly regret falling for the marketing and advertising and slick commercials.

    After 3 months of owning an X5 I did not appreciate it. In fact, i was embarassed that little Mitsubishi's would out accelerate my $50, 000 car.

    The only thing going for this car is it is a comfortable ride. I am done with BMWs forever.

    ###. They are German. After all.

  • An
      29th of Jan, 2010
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    so did you say that you owned this x5 for 3 months and you are 3 months behind on payments? so basically you picked up a car and drove it for 3 months without paying? you don't expect them to try to get a hold of you? your driving they're $50, 000 around!! you obviously didn't keep in contact with them to keep them updated on why you can't make the payments you just agreed on. if you owed me $50, 000 and i hadn't heard from you in 3 months, your darn right i would call everyone to find you. i wish people would stop whining about they're hurt feelings and use some common freakin sense!

  • Ra
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    On the 24th of Feb. I took my M3 to BMW for repair, an oil leak and the hooter, after 2 weeks of it will be 'done Friday' I was finally able to pick up my car on the 10th of March.
    Much to my horror, the steering wheel was on crooked, I phoned to say I would be right back to correct the problem, as I got on the freeway to go back the car started to cough and sputter, I finally got there and they took the car in. They admitted that there was WATER in the electrical from the bath that they gave the motor, I then asked WHY the hooter was not fixed (even though it was charged for AND already paid) I was told that it was NOT on the ticket, when I showed them the receipt they tried to tell me that the part in question was for the transmission. I then went to the service manager who confirmed that the 'slip ring' was indeed for the hooter.
    Upon getting word that the car was repaired as specified AND PAID FOR, I was told that the 'slip ring' quoted was incorrect and that the new one was going to be an additional R1900
    I have a receipt that is marked paid NOWHERE on this receipt does it state that I am responsible for their incompetence.
    Water in the electrical components promotes corrosion, the electrical components under the hood have been written a death sentence, forever compromising the integrity of my car. The steering wheel on crooked, it obviously was not marked correctly by the technician before it was removed, this was an abomination of everything that BMW stands for.
    The car was not road tested.
    A technician was swearing someone in front of my wife.
    Now I am being forced to pay the R1900 for the “correct” part, or go without the repair that I have already paid for.
    Upon picking my car up on March 19, 2010 I was again horrified, not only was the steering wheel STILL crooked (after they had assured me it was straight) the turn signals no longer cancel. AND the horn/hooter is still not repaired!
    Is this what BMW has become? BMW customer care South has a 1 in 10 response to customer complaints!:

  • Al
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    Good luck, the BMW dealerships in FL are very crooked. Ferman down here are the worst. It's best if you're an BMW owner to do the maintenance yourself, since cost would be significantly reduced and there is some fun in the manner. :)

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