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I bought the 316 coupe from bmw in egypt, before i reach 50, 000 kms
I found an engine fault error, they changed vanose & solonoids, then
The error disappeared but the car contined to suffer
From power loss & instability in the engine, they changed what we call in arabic"mobina" all 4 parts, & still problem existed,
Then i changed the fuel injectors, the car improved,
But i still suffer from rpm fluctuations at low speeds as if the engine
Will stop, i wonder how come the car ahowed all these faults & changed all these parts so soon & i wonder how come bmw produces such poor quality car..the car is 2008 model & i'm tired from all the continious visits to the service center, i want my car fixed & i want to enjoy the famous bmw quality which till now i couldnt experience, thanks

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  • Mi
      Jul 21, 2011

    I feel left out in the cold from the BMW dealer in Erie, Pa. They traded my 2008 X6 for a 2011 X6 and when they made the trade and the deal was done, they called and asked were are the original tires and rims they where told they got stolen 9 months prior. I told them they new this as i purchased the snow tires and rims from them they new this at the time of the appraisel since they walked aroung the car and took it for a test drive and gave me the trade value amount and i agreed to it. Well then they sent a letter telling me my car will NOT be serviced with the same respect unless I paid them 3, 500.00 dollars more after the deal was complete and since then my car has been there for 6 weeks and no date given as to when i may have the vechicle back not even a call in the six weeks of having the car. There is only one dealer in the area. What should I do?


    Michael Peterson

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