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My husband "won" a free weekend getaway in October 2016. We were already going to be in Orlando this weekend so we used our 3 night hotel stay with Bluegreens for this weekend. They called us 6 times to confirm after we already confirmed twice. We arrive at our hotel which was disgusting. Refrigerator leaking, hair in the shower, dirty carpet. We called BlueGreens asap at 10am the next day to get our hotel changed. We got transferred 6 times only to find out that there was nothing they could do but that the hotel we were booked in is no longer affiliated with Bluegreens due to customer complaints. When I asked why we were booked there the answer was "well you made your reservation in October". What?! If you know there is an issue with a hotel why would you put potential owners in a place that doesn't represent your brand?!! Now we are here in a gross hotel & we still need to go through a presentation tomorrow. Bluegreens will not be recommended EVER.

Apr 01, 2017

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