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Bluegreen Vacations / $199 promotional bass pro shops package

1 United States

Email sent to Bluegreen Vacations:
I recently had to cancel a booking through Bluegreen Resorts TWO WEEKS PRIOR to my vacation because of miscommunication and employee error. I signed up through your promotional packaging via Bass Pro Shops in June of this year. I was read requirements and specific criteria several times and also placed on a recording where the guidelines were read off to me and I had to meet the guidelines in order to be eligible to receive the benefits of the $199 package. I received a handful of phone calls as the months progressed to schedule my booking as well as making sure it was still a confirmed trip. Among these phone calls I was made clear that the call was on a recording and I had to be taken through the guidelines I initially "passed" when I paid for the trip. I received another email on 9/26 to confirm my booking, once again, on 10/10-10/12, two weeks out. I called and was read the guidelines over recording once again. Suddenly, I'm not meeting the criteria of Household Income. Now that I've spoken with a supervisor via the (844) number I'm required to call in confirming my vacation, Household Income in YOUR terms are single vs. married. I'm an accountant for a living and Household Income is the income within your household. The example I gave to one of your supervisors was I could be living with my grandmother whose income is $150, 000 a year, but we're certainly not married, and she's certainly not my significant other. She is a part of my household, and it's likely she would fund or help fund any other ventures I chose to pursue Bluegreen Vacations. When I originally paid for my package, Cordarro, told me that my Household Income was fine considering I live with parents. This requirement was discussed along with every other requirement in the package. Upon final review with Natasha, one of your reps, on 9/26 I was told she would speak with her supervisor and he would listen to the last recording from the last phone call I had where the requirements were read out to me. Natasha clarified to me there was no way for me to actually listen to any of the recordings myself, nor did they have the recording that was taken at Bass Pro Shops at the very start of the purchase (which I was told would be recorded before I could swipe my card). After talking with her supervisor personally, I was told he wasn't able to listen to the recording. What is the purpose of logging your calls if they're not accessible to even your supervisors in order to calm an upset customer? He refunded me for my trip, as there was nothing else he could do for me. The only incite he could give me was to re-recite the guidelines in the contract for me over and over again. Surprisingly enough, I'm capable of reading so my questions went unanswered. As I'm sure you are able to see at this point - I'm extremely disappointed in the training of the staff for Bluegreen Vacations. I will no longer have this booking in place TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the scheduled date because your staff markets something they don't actually have full training to discuss, and aren't able to explain to me why I'm not able to meet certain requirements. On that note, I strongly suggest you make the requirements for your packages much more clear and provide your employees with proper training to do their jobs more efficiently to avoid having customers that will never return, never recommend your company, but will very quickly have negative feedback to provide to anyone looking for a lovely vacation.

Sep 26, 2017

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