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Bluegreen Vacation Resorts / bluegreen vacation resorts

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After being an owner for 1 year and having vacation plans rejected a total of 11 times we are selling our property. At this point we just want to break even and get out of this scam. I think Bluegreen Vacation Resorts is one big scam. We were told one thing when we signed up only to be told by someone else that wasn't true. We have tried 11 times to book vacations and were told ALL 11 times that there were no vacancies. We gave them multiple places and still No Vacancies. We were told at the time of signing up we could book vacations in a little as two days. Maybe - but you certainly won't be going anywhere you want to go. Every time we have tried to book we are advised that we need to book at least 6 months in advance. So for grins, I called to book 8 months in advance to 6 different places only to be told there were no vacancies. Why are there no vacancies? Bluegreen holds a number of units for their corporate clients. So if the property has several bookings Bluegreen will put a hold on x amount of units. BUT Bluegreen is very happy to take money out of my acccount each month and I'm getting nothing in return.
So, if anyone out there gets a call for a two night stay and all you have to do is listen to a presentation - DON'T BOTHER!! What they say in the sales pitch sounds good, but it doesn't come true. They say what you want to hear, but in reality it isn't the way it works.

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  • Mi
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    Bluegreen Vacation Resorts - scam artist
    bluegreen vacation corp.
    Pigeon Forge
    United States
    Phone: 18002344059

    I feel like bluegreen corp has taken me for a money ride with suckering me into buying this crap with there tell you what you want to hear its all good scam artist sellsman!!Not to mention the high interest rates.I was just wondering if any body feels the same way I do about bluegreen vac.and if so please email me.If this goes to bluegreen corp. I have paid my payments every month on time but have been layed off and would like to solve this in a professional way if were able?I take pride in paying my bills (on time)and having a good credit score, but I may not have a choice but to let it go back and would like to know if I did let it go back what consequences would I face?

  • Pe
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    We are in the same boat as you, my husband has been laid off and our income is only 1/3 of what it was when we bought. We are in the process of letting ours go back. They haven't really hassled us and that scares the begeebers out of me. I am wandering if they are going to be the silent destructive types. Our credit is already ruined (i realize it is our fault for non payment) and our credit cards have lowered our limits and raised our interest rates due to all of this. But we are at the point it is either keep our home and utilities and let Bluegreen go, or suffer losingit all .
    We are listed with 4 places trying to sell but no one wants these stupid points.

    Good luck

  • Vi
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    You're so right, its a scam and just don't get into the scam of selling your timeshare or points because that is a scam itself. I believe Bluegreen has cover its ### from almost every angle...including owning the collection agancy, the sale your time share agencies, plus most of the small print in the contract is to collect more money in every angle they examples: fees for whatevery they can think of to charge You...

  • Sh
      19th of May, 2010
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    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor].

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