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A person will call you up on the phone saying, 'you've won 4 roundtrip air tickets with a value of up to 3900.00$' All you have to do is come to Bluegreen to pick them up. Well, when you get there, it's a timeshare sale. They got pissed at us because we kept saying 'NO', and we were treated like crap.

The 'free' airline tickets, you must reserve a room of their choice at a unreasonable price, you are extremely limited on where you can and can't go, when you can travel and they are only good for a very short amount of time.
What I was told when they called me and what actually happened was WAY off!!! If they call you, it's not even worth it unless you ARE looking to buy a timeshare.

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  • Lo
      Feb 25, 2009

    So why did you go

    maybe it was because you thought you could get something for nothing.
    Well there is no such thing as a free lunch so come on you must have expected to be sold something even if you did not know Bluegreen was timeshare.

    Why do people go to these kind of presentations blind, with the www at you fingertips a couple of mins would have given you all the info you needed.

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