Bluegreen Resortsnot being completely truthful in their gift offers for spending two hours listening to sales pith fr timeshare

R Mar 01, 2013 Review updated:

We were solicited by a phone call inviting us to come to a timeshare presentation (1 1/2-2 hours )and two day vacation At their resort.In return we were promised a 100.00 gift Visa and another land vacation for four nights / three days, or a cruise for the family for the same duration.
All of this was or a cost of $189.00. We were up front with the solicitor, from the beginning, telling him that we were not interested in buying a timeshare package because of a very bad experience years ago. But, we were going to be vacationing in the Charleston, SC the city where we would listen to the two hour sales pitch, anyway. Why not. Well, upon arrival we had to fill out paperwork prior to the pitch. I realized that the 4 night 2nd vacation required a $50 deposit before using. This was not is disclosed in the mailings that we were sent shortly after our booking the presentation.i read all of the fine print. Also, they could not give us the promised $100 Visa because their machine was not working. They did give us a company check that we could cash locally . They did not disclose that we would be charged a check cashing fee because we did not have an account at tht bank. We sat through the 2 hour presentation which was as expected-no problem. At the close of the presentation we were given a certificate for our second vacation to a "moderately priced hotel" in one of about six locations throughout the US. We were led to believe that we would be staying at one of their resorts vs an unknown hotel. Furthermore, the certificate was good for only two adults. We were told from the beginning that we could take our family. We have one college age daughter who we wanted to take on vacation with us. Again this was misstated. When confronted with my deliemma they gave me another certificate that would require an additional $50.00 deposit. Mind you, that would only be a total of $100.00 for two rooms for four nights, but that is a fee that was never disclosed at any time and in any fine print. This may not be unethical but it sure is not transparent. We will most likely forgo the second gifted vacation all together, and call it even .I do not want to deal with a company that is not completely up front with its customers and has to mislead its customers to stay in business.


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      Sep 25, 2013

    The lights are dim w/ this one.
    Every hotels, motel, requires a deposit for incidentals I.E they don't know what kinda person you are and could go nuts in the rooms w/ damage and what not so weird complaint. BTW most deposits are more too.
    The rest of your complaints are petty and well...

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