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My husband and I fell victims to Bluegreen in June 2005. We were lied to at the presentation. We were told that purchasing Bluegreen is just like purchasing any other real estate; the property will appreciate and we would be given a deed. We were told that if we didn't like it we could sell it for more than we bought it for and they would sell it for us if we wanted. We were told that we could vacation anywhere we wanted and at any time we wanted. We were also told that the maintenance fees were about $600 and if we like, we could rent our points out to pay those fees and they would take care of the rental details for us as well. All lies.

We arrived for the presentation at 11 a.m. on a Saturday. We hadn't eaten but planned on getting lunch after the 90 minute presentation. After 4 and a half hours, we signed and were released. During the signing, we were exhausted and hungry. They refused my request to take the documents home to look over before signing. This is the same tactic cults use to recruit members. No food and no rest.

The 'property' we purchased is not worth what we paid. We cannot sell it. We do not have a deed but instead, a copy of a deed. We can't go where and when we want. In fact we can never go to Florida at Christmastime because our points arrive on June 18th which is only 6 months before December and Christmas reservations must be made eleven months in advance and our points are only 'high red' for twelve months. Our maintenance fees are now over $900 per year. Bluegreen can't sell the 'property' for us but put us in touch with Pinnacle, a resale company who charged us $39 and has not produced an offer to purchase our 'property'. We also listed with another company for $699 and have had no offers. Bluegreen's rental program is discontinued due to 'Lack of interest'.

This deception is in direct violation of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act but how do you prove that they lied to us? Are there any former timeshare salespeople out there who would testify to the deception practiced in the field? Immunity promised of course. Are there enough people out there who feel the way we do about Bluegreen so we can band together and make our voice louder than theirs?

Someone referred to timeshare ownership as a black hole. I'm there, with no light in sight. Help. I can't think of anyone I dislike enough to even give this 'property' to.

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  • Ji
      Nov 21, 2008

    I used to be a sales rep for a sales center in Myrtle Beach untill i realized i ripping people off. If you have any questions for me i would be glad to help! Just send me an email at [protected]

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  • St
      Jan 26, 2009

    We were convinced that this was the most ecconomical way and easy way to vacation. We have not been able to take a vacation as of yet due to "all booked up". We have listed our time share with Pinnacle with not one buyer. What a big mistake we made. I would pay someone to take it. Are there any more idiots like me?


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  •   Feb 01, 2009

    I have been getting a few emails from people here asking how I sold my timeshare points, I cant reply to them as I dont have your email address, IF you send me an email, please send your address
    I wont send you spam, but I will send you the emails I received and the address of the people who bought them

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  • Al
      Feb 08, 2009

    We also bought Blugreen corp. we had 30 days to cancle we called them and they said it could not be canceled we would have to sell.. Asdke if they would sell they said yes, Got a email about 2 weeks later stating it was sold.. about 60 days later I went to buy a new truck and found Bluegreen corp on my credit as nonpayment.. now my credit is screwed and can't get anything done about it

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  • Jo
      Apr 28, 2009

    Get in touch with your Atrtorney Gen. there are people from 6 states like you call tollfree for attorney gen offic e in Pa. class action Against Bluegreen 5600= for $20000=$40000//Mo. attny Gen. on going//Michigan the same//Minn the same -get busy and file in each state-//even when a state doesn't want them they get there foot in the door thru their comp. Bass Pro-Shop as they have in Alabama

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  •   Nov 24, 2009

    I had a timeshare with Bluegreen, I sold it, I lost a lot of money, but I gained money
    I bought my timeshare when it was owned by Airtours, it was fine until Bluegtreen bought it and everything went up
    So now I use hotels, its very good, I book my hotel, I pay for it, I use it, no further payments required
    I weighed it up with what I got from a timeshare and what I get from a Hotel
    A hotel
    I get room service
    I get fresh towels each day
    I get my bed made up and turned down each day
    My room is cleaned each day
    I usually get a VERY good resturant on site, not just a coffee bar/snack bar
    I dont get a bill every year for maintainence
    I can get a hotel anywhere and any time I want
    I get from a timeshare
    NO room cleaned each day
    NO bed make up/turn down
    NO room service
    NO resturant on site
    NO clean towels each day
    I have to share the resort with very loud kids and drunks, there are no quiet areas
    I DO get a BIG bill each year (usually the cost above the hotels I have stayed in)
    I cant book when and where I want, unless it at least 6 months in advance
    I do get a whole apartment (but its a waste, its just my wife and I)

    I'm glad I sold my timeshare and have nothing to do with Bluegren any more

    It doesnt matter where the resort is, you still have to get there, so I havent included the airfare in my prices

    This year, I stayed in the Dominican Republic, all inclusive, 2 weeks, it cost me $720.00
    I stayed in Sri Lanka, all inclusive, 3 weeks, that cost me $900.00, but I did get an upgrade
    I had 'free' food', 'free drinks, ' free' tours, a nice beach (in both locations) plenty of service
    Non of these places are in the RCI or BlueGreen books (I know they werent FREE, I paid for them, but the more I ate and the more I drank and the more tours I took, the cheaper my holidays were)

    I had a great time and I am not expecting a maintainence bill this Christmas or New Year

    No one will ever sell me another timeshare, but as long as they give me FREE tickets or $80 to go to a presentation I'll go along, all you people that own a timeshare are paying for me to attend, so keep buying and paying those bills each year, I want your money/tickets

    Sell your timeshare, go to all the presentations you can get as much as you can from them, but NEVER, NEVER buy again (you will lose money selling your timeshare, may as well get some back by going to the presentations)

    Keep moaning about your timeshare, your bills arent going to get any smaller and when you die, your kids will own it, I bet they will really thank you for that monkey on their back,

    Maybe you people that own timeshare tell me what you actually get ?
    I'll counter each positive with a negative,
    C'mon, what do you have to lose ?

    CUT YOUR Losses and get rid of it

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  • Sh
      Apr 14, 2010

    Bluegreen is singly the most unethical, immoral and desestible company in business today. Their sales sluts will use high pressure and out right lies to sucker people in. Then...after you've signed your name to their contract you discover on page 4 of the public offering Bluegreen is not liable for any promises made by their sales agents. Unbelievable. These parasites are without questions the lowest form of trash.

    You will not get any of what your told, or shown your going to get...none of it.

    They will steal your money and if you refuse to pay they will ruin your credit and threat YOU with legal action...that is incredible. What a band of puss trolls.

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  • Wo
      May 26, 2010

    hello im in same boat i couldnt give it away either ive tried to sell at half price even it is a dumb idea to get a time share frome bluegreen they are scamers and i was to dubm to understand cause they tellin u all this exciting things that wont ever hapen i havent used mine because it wont work when i want to use it only in winter or boring places u find some one to buy urs ask em if they have a brother or sister il sell mine haha

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  • Ba
      Feb 27, 2013

    I purchased in 2005 and have lived a nightmare ever since. I hope and pray that someone in the very near future will find a way to help us who no longer want to be owners, get relief. The contract appears to be iron clad.

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