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Bluegreen / an awful company

1 International Drive SouthFL, United States Review updated:

I sent this email to Bluegreen, they deleted it and never read it, I just thought I'd post it here, maybe someone at Bluegreen will read it and I hope others take note

Hello Candace (a Bluegreen customer Service agent)
Thank you for your reply, sorry for the delay in replying
I recently stayed at the Fountains at Oasis Lakes, Orlando (10/03/2008 - 10/18/2008)
I tried to fill out the online comment card, but it wouldn't accept my room or reservation number
I used to own an apartment there
I couldn't use my apartment due to the strange way my points were allocated, so I used the RCI website and saved my points and then booked my vacation
I was quite surprised how things had changed there and how some things haven't changed

When we tried to check in, they couldn't find our reservation and we were sent away until 4pm and for them to find our reservation (this was very unusual, the last time we used our apartment, the staff were very helpful and let us store our luggage, and check in as soon as an apartment was available)

When we did arrive back at 4pm, there was none of the cheerful staff from my last visit, it was a rather surly greeting (but this maybe due to the fact we had an exchange)

We got to our apartment and it smelt extremely musty, but that wasn't a big problem, we just aired out the room, opening the balcony doors, we showed our friends around, and while they were very pleased with it, I noticed the furniture and fittings hadn't been upgraded and was worn in places (the furniture was exactly the same as when I first bought it in 1995, What have you spent the maintenance money on ? Certainly not on upgrading or purchasing new furniture or carpets

Anyway, as the day passed and we made our self at home, I saw that you had an in room connection for my laptop, that was very good, but as I found out, the service wasn't very good, I had to phone every day to get a connection, but that wasn't a problem, I could save my work until the reconnection was made, but it was very irksome and annoying to call every day (I am a maintenance manager at Heathrow and needed to keep in touch with on going projects)

We had to ask for a repair in the master bedroom for a ceiling fan, it took 4 days and several phone calls to get it repaired, even though we were told on the first day it was repaired and every day, The electrician eventually turned up at 10pm, one night and repaired it then (I asked for it to be done then as nothing seemed to happen in the daytime while we were out

During the second week a problem developed with the fridge, but wasn't a major problem, we asked if someone could look at it, but no one ever turned up and I never got any message left on the telephone

We had some new balcony furniture left for us, we never got any message that it would be done (but it was a lot better than the cheap plastic stuff we had) and my friends were rather perturbed that someone could just walk in at nearly anytime (the towels and bedding were changed, but nothing like the service I had previously enjoyed when I was an owner there

I went to a 'presentation' while I was there, I didn't want any tickets, or money from it, I just wanted to voice my concerns, and let the sales staff know how my feelings were when I bought (what I thought was an extra week) these points, my week that I had enjoyed for many years was now converted to points, and the so called bonus weeks I was given was useless, as I couldn't use them or book anything for 30 days before travel (very nice if I wanted an out of the way place that no one else wanted )

The sales staff weren't interested in my concerns or what I had to say to them and how things had changed (my week to points and how I couldn't use my apartment) and after 30-40 minutes I was asked to leave, and was told if I said anything to other people staying there or other purchasers, I would be asked to leave the resort, I agreed not to speak to other resort owners, I didn't want to be thrown out with no other hotel booked and I didn't want to embarrass my friends

I didn't find any of the staff helpful and the amenities hadn't changed since my last visit (2 years previously) I found the staff would only do just enough to get by with

I had several packages delivered to The Fountains during my 2 week stay, I never got an phone calls saying they had arrived, I only got that information from the sender

When we were leaving the resort, I spoke to the front desk and told them that I was expecting 2 more packages, that hadn't arrived, and would they forward them on to me in the UK, I gave them my email address, my home address, my contact telephone number

The man on the front desk went away to confirm that this would be okay and record my details, he came back and assured me that it would be fine, and they would forward them on to me, and if any further charges were due I would pay them, if they would let me know what they were via email

I have contacted the senders of the packages, they have arrived, but for some reason they have lost one, (I have had emails to that effect from Philip Russell) I'm still waiting for them to arrive (these have now arrived, it took a month to arrive though, I actually received them today)

It was certainly a different place from when I was an owner, I'm glad I have sold my points, I know I lost money by doing so, BUT I have purchased another weeks vacation from another seller and another resort

There always was a problem with BlueGreen when I tried to book anything, and when I did manage to book anything I always found myself disappointed with my accommodation and the staff (we stayed at the BlueGreen resort in Las Vegas, this was out of the way and was nothing more than a bunch of tower blocks, with no staff in attendance at the pool and there were several drunks and broken bottles around, but I didn't say anything as the drunks were English, and I certainly didn't want to be associated with them

All in all, I found my last stay at the Fountains a very disappointing experience, and I'm glad I wont be staying there or using it in the future

I know now I am no longer a owner or member of BlueGreen, that my email or views wont make any difference to the way the resort is run or the state of the furniture or decoration of the rooms or the attitude of the staff, BlueGreen are only there to make money, and care very little about ex members/owners, after all there will be other people going to the 'presentations' and making purchases, I just felt I had to make my views known

IF I had bought an extra week and not been persuaded by the sales staff to convert to points, I would still be an owner, but I wouldn't go back to The Fountains again (even when it is completed)

I'm really glad I dont have anything further to do with Bluegreen, their customer service leaves much to be desired, in fact they are rude, and not helpful in the slightest

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      29th of Dec, 2009
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    Please let us know how you got out of Bluegreen. Thank you very much !

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