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Bluegreen Corporation / lies and deceptive sales practices

1 United States Review updated:

Numbered statements are quotes straight out of Blueturds membership module word for word followed by the experience my family and I have had with Blueturd.

Twenty lies and deceptive messaging straight word for word from Bluegreens membership module. These can be used when consulting an attorney. This is in violation of the Lanham Act of 1946.

1. There are more than 35 Bluegreen resorts to explore.

Bluegreens gives potential purchasers the impression that it owns thirty-five or more resorts in which club members can chose from. But through attempting to secure vacation reservation in Alabama we were told that Bluegreen does not own resorts in Alabama but only has an interest in them. The sales module list thirty-six resorts individually with a 2-3 page description. Judging by a small indicator in the lower right hand corner of some of the resort descriptor pages it states ?A Bluegreen Vacation Club Resort.? Of the thirty-six descriptor pages listed fourteen has this indicator. So in my opinion, at the time of this module publication Bluegreen in reality owned fourteen resorts, not more than thirty-five.

2. In the meantime, you and your guest will have wonderful vacations at your choice of Bluegreen Vacation Club Resorts-because as a Club owner, you can create your own vacation, tailor made to your unique preferences.

It sounds and reads well but my family cannot have any kind of satisfactory vacation when someone else chooses where and when we spend our vacation time. Our choices were rejected four times, two rejections in Alabama and two in Florida. In our experience thus far with Bluegreen it works in this manner. We can choose a particular location where we would like to visit but not when we can visit. Or we can choose a particular date of which we can visit but not choose where to visit at that time. We have found that it is impossible to create your own vacation, tailor made to your unique preferences through Bluegreen program. We can choose when but not where or where but not when.

3. We believed if we just gave people the facts about what we were offering, success was inevitable. We were right.

How on earth does one address this claim? Through our experience with Bluegreen they are in fact very fact challenged. We did not discover the true facts of Bluegreens program until our initial attempt to utilize our membership. This was a full year beyond out purchase date and well beyond ridiculous ten day recessionary period of which you may reclaim your money for dissatisfactory service. It takes Bluegreen forty-five days just to process your paperwork. Nice timing on the part of Bluegreen and definitely in their favor.

4. We took the same approach we had back in the late sixties: be honest and deliver a great product.

Again how does one address such a statement? Bluegreen has been nothing but dishonest with us from the time we were approached on the streets of Gatlinberg and talked into this scam. We have received no product or service from Bluegreen and from our experience so far with Bluegreen we never will. We have however discovered that we have received much misrepresentation of facts and much withholding of important information by Bluegreen sales representatives in order in an obvious attempt to secure revenue for the company by whatever means deemed necessary at the time right or wrong.

5. When you're an owner in the Bluegreen Vacation Club (?the Club?) you can go anywhere within the Club network without paying an exchange fee.

This statement does have some truth to it. My family and I can go anywhere within the Bluegreen network but what we are finding out is going where and when we want is basically impossible. We can decide where without when or when without where. We can't apply both for one vacation. If we choose where and when to vacation we will have to go outside of the program and pay all of our own expenses plus Bluegreens maintenance fees and membership dues of which they are very adamant about receiving.

6. You can choose the size of accommodations that suit you.

This has some truth but it is a worthless option when incorporated with the fact we can't use it when and where of our choosing.

7. Flexible accommodations mean, when you want to you can travel with family and friends. Travel when you want to.

This has some truth to it, but if Bluegreen had been honest and not withholding pertinent information, a continuation of the statement would have read something like;
Flexible accommodations mean, when you want to you can travel with family and friends, but Bluegreen representatives will choose a resort location or the date for you.

8. For one thing, unlike most vacation ownership programs, you're not limited to specific vacation time at a specific resort. You've purchased ?Points? that can be used at any Bluegreen Vacation Club Resort.

Here again our experience with Bluegreen is if my family and I have a specific date in which to travel our choice of locations are very, very limited through Bluegreens Vacation Club Program. If we have a specific location we would like to travel the dates available to us are very, very limited or non-existent.

The following is probably one of Bluegreens best and most misleading statements used in the module and by sales representatives.

9. Going where and when you want can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling our Owner Reservation department at 800-456-CLUB (2582).

Going where and when is very complicated. Going where and when has turned out to be impossible for us through Bluegreen vacation program.

10. Essentially, you purchased a certain number of Points that are tied to deeded ownership. This means you own your vacation just like you own a house or a car.

Like you own a house or a car? No one drives or enters any of my vehicles unless I am asked first, unless of course they steal it. No one enters my house or stays in my house unless my wife or I first grant permission. Unless of course they break in or forcible drive us out. How can they claim that we own our vacation when we have little input on where and when it is used? If my family and I owned our vacation as described by Bluegreen in this statement my family and I would be staying at the Shoreline Towers resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama in June or July of 2007. We may own title to something for over fifteen thousand dollars spent on Bluegreens Vacation Club but we have little input in how we can use it.

11. Simply call and we'll roll out the red carpet.

At this point I just added this to humor myself as it is such a bizarre statement. I am not sure how they arrived or how they see their definition of ?roll out the red carpet,? but it doesn't match with any definitions of roll out the red carpet that we know of. It's more like ?we'll pull the carpet out from under you? or ?we'll pull the wool carpet over your eyes.?

12. Even though your Points are tied to a specific unit-week, you can use them to stay at any resort in the Bluegreen Vacation Club.

In our experience with Bluegreen thus far we are being allowed to use our points where, when and if at the discretion of a Bluegreen representative. I would rate our, ?stay at any resort in the Bluegreen Vacation Club? option as non-existent to extremely limited at best.

13. You can spend your Point balance any way you want.

I have a balance of fourteen thousand points. This should be equal to about two weeks of vacation time through Bluegreens program. Any way we want to me again would mean my family and I would be staying at the Shoreline Towers in Gulf Shores, Alabama in June or July of 2007. In reality Bluegreen makes the decision as to where we go or when we go. We have no choice.

14. Throughout the year, you can use your Points as you see fit.

Again if I were able to use my points as I see fit throughout the year, my family and I would be staying at the Shoreline Towers in Gulf Shores, Alabama in June or July of 2007. Our decision as to how we use our points is extremely limited to non-existent. Bluegreen dictates how we can use our points.

15. Remember that all reservations are made on a space-available basis, so it pays to think ahead.

We did think ahead. We attempted to reserve accommodations at four resorts along the southern coast of Alabama and Florida. We attempted to reserve accommodations using the maximum allowable time by Bluegreens rules of eleven months. We were turned down which led me to believe that these accommodations would never be available or were being saved in some way for possibly a more elite cliental under Bluegreens standards.

16. One of the best things about Bluegreen vacation club is that you'll never have to pay for resort accommodations again-your vacation is already paid for.

I will never have to pay for resort accommodations again only if I participate in the vacation club program which means a Bluegreen representatives choose where and when my family and I go for vacation. Otherwise we pay all of our own expenses and go where and when we want but still pay Bluegreen around six-hundred dollars annually for maintenance fess, taxes and membership dues. They are very adamant about getting their fees even though they don't feel in any way obligated to fulfill what they claim to have offered in their sales presentations.

17. Finally, it makes sense to own a vacation-just like you would a home or car.

Since this is a redundant statement it must be one of Bluegreens cherished axioms they like to repeat. It is also a ridiculous statement if you think about it. Using this analogy if Bluegreen were a automobile dealership and one purchased a vehicle from them each time before you drove that vehicle you would have to contact them to gat permission where and when you could drive it. Or if they were a realtor that sold you a home you would have to contact them to see when you could stay in it or who could stay in it.

18. Your Maintenance Fees are also used to pay property tax.

When we are billed for maintenance fees one line is described as maintenance fees. Below that line a description and additional charge of R.E. taxes. This in all likelihood is property tax. Which as stated by Bluegreen is supposedly paid from maintenance fees.
In discussing this issue with realtors in my area the way this statement is leads to the possibility of Bluegreen or some of the resorts they claim to own may somehow be double charging on taxes or passing a tax on to consumers that shouldn't be passed on. This needs some deep and serious examination and may need involvement from the IRS.

19. Part of the vacation experience is making it fun and easy to be an owner.

Fun and easy couldn't be further from the truth. For my family and me dealing with Bluegreen has been nothing but an unending nightmare.

And finally;

20. If an owner calls with a problem, it is tracked until the matter is resolved.

I have been through the BBB (a waste of time), phoned, e-mailed and left messages to a variety of Bluegreen offices. I have gotten everything from construction problems, we are unaware of the specific of the matter, you signed these papers, and we've done nothing wrong and so on. From my own experience thus far in dealing with Bluegreen on this issue I have come to this conclusion. If a conflict can't be resolved in a manner that is in the best interest of Bluegreen they will refuse to talk. Right now I am being ignored by Bluegreen. They likely are taking the stance that in time the problem will go away. If one pushes the issue Bluegreen their recourse is to wave legal documents that have been signed by Vacation Club purchasers. To them this is conclusive to conflict resolution. This should be no protection for Bluegreen due to the fact purchaser's sign under false pretenses and verbal and literal communications are littered with an array of lies, deception, misrepresentation and a practice of sales representatives withholding very important information.

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  • Dy
      7th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    You might be advised to complain to Bass Pro Shop about your complaints. They do receive a great deal of money by having their booths in the Bass Pro Shops. If you tell them you are going to boycott them, they may refuse to allow their booths there.

  • Ke
      26th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    You are off on some crazy tangent buddy. I own with bluegreen and I go where I want when I want. Maybe you should spend a little more time pre planning your vacations and a little less time writing long, drawn out, poorly spelled complaints about your "mistreatment". Oh by the way last year when I took my family to Shoreline Towers in AL during the second week of August it was one of the best and most relaxing times I have ever had. Some people alway try to ice skate up hills.

  • Ca
      26th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    We bought into Bluegreen, had great credit for being 21 and 25. Everytime we tried to go somewhere, there wasn't anything available. We were pressured into buying it. I called and talked to a lady in Branson and told her my situation and she said she would try and get me out of the agreement. I received the best phone call in my life a few weeks later stating that we would be able to get out of our agreement, with no refund (which we never asked for) and that it wouldn't affect our credit. We tried to get a home loan to get a house since our family had since grown and where told that our credit score was to low. I called the Branson office and the lady had retired and they gave me the number for Corporate. I talked to a guy named Jamie. Told him we just wanted out of the contract and explained what went on. He said they never make deals like that and that I had been lied to. We continually tried to get out of the contract since we have paid thousands and never have went on a vacation. He said if we paid up to date they would fix our credit and that we couldn't get out the contract. I paid them a thousand dollars and they started taking money out monthly. They stopped taking the money out in May, I haven't seen any withdrawals and our credit was never fixed. Our credit scores of above 700 are now 560. We were aware of the maintenance fees but weren't aware of the yearly fee. I am sure it is all written in the fine print though. We were shown something that wasn't true.

  • Pm
      22nd of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Blue Green is a joke , they promise you the moon deliver nothing. There nothing but liers. We were told when we bought that this was a investment to earn us money if we chose not to vacation. They would happily rent our points out for us how soon they changed that policy. Well you know that is against the law to say that When you have a time share license and they do say that. We went to a meeting not long ago just to get updated Well heard the same old crap wanting us to buy more points. You know I asked the sales person alot of questions this time that she kinda could not answer duh. And I took a tape recorder and recorded all the bull that was told to me. Blue Green will not be in business very long with this non ethical business practice. I think we all need to stick together take this joke (not a business) down. I cant believe Bass Pro Shop would put there name on something like this, I would never shop there either, It would be my luck to buy a boat from there put it in the water and sink in 3 minutes and then they tell me I did not put the boat in the water at the right time. I would love to hear from other people like me that had a moment and now is paying for it.

  • Li
      17th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Two years ago on vacation, my sister & I were duped into this and are so sorry we ever listened to these people. The part about maintainence fees is near the bottom of the 11th page of paper work so of course you are tired of reading by then and they just sluff on by it. It keeps going up and we have never been anywhere and used our membership because the points we have are not enough to do anything. We are both retired and would love to know if anyone knows how to get out of this. We really would come out better just saving our money for short vacations. We have done nothing but help these guys get rich.

  • Da
      29th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am still hitting myself for getting caught in this ripoff artist scheme. It is a nightmare. I lost 18000$ in this and don't use it (can't) my holidays are the same dates as everybody else's.. And now I still have to pay 1000$ yearly for all the club fees for nothing..and I was charged 400$ late fees, collection fees because I didn't within 4 months. I don't want to pay another dime for this and I am stuck because you can't sell the points (lies they told us they would buy them back whenever we wanted ). The points are worthless and we have to keep paying, I am furious and these people are crooks and they are still in business it is appalling. I am canadian, and in Canada they would be out of business already. Please let me know if there is any action I can take to stop paying and to stop these people..thanks,

  • Si
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am a Blue Green Owner and this complaints describes what my family has been through with with. Somone please tell me what I need to do in order to get out from under this nightmare. At this point, I don't want to pay them another dime, but I also do not want my credit report messed up either. What recourse does a consumer have. I would really like to correspond with the person who wrote this email. Please have them to contact me if possible at the above email address.

  • Na
      28th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    We just got back from Gatlinburg, and a 3 and a half hour Bluegreen Tour. This is the third and last time I'll waist my time listening to timeshare thieves. We were chosen out of the group for a special film presentation, and then after visiting a unit, we still had to sit at the dinky table with 50 other people crammed in the room shouting their sales pitch. I think they did a credit check when we first arrived, and decided to pounce on us. The joker who tried to sell us, was a dead give away. First off, during our conversation, he said his kids were devils, and his Mother In-law isn't allowed to come over to his house. Basically he is a real loser of a father and husband. I love my kids and will never keep their grandmother away. His wife sells for Fairfield and he claimed she hates working there and that Bluegreen is much better. So I ask him, is she being honest with people she sells to by not letting them compare Fairfield to Bluegreen? (You cant leave, go home and think about it and come back even the next day. It's buy it know or never!) He had no answer for that.

    Finally after giving him hours of uninterrupted sales pitching, I gave him this scenario. I see a great house for sale but there's no price listed. The neighbor tells me he owns one like it and loves his, but you have to sit through a 90 minute talk to find out the details. I say O.K. and make an appointment. After finding out the price I want to go home and think about it, and shop around. Is that asking to much? (No it shouldn't be)

    So while at Bluegreen during the 90 minute (about 200 minutes in) presentation I explain that I would never buy property without a legal representative looking it over to protect me. He tells me that because I've already done the "inspection" today, the great deal they've offered will be gone if I don't buy today. He then calls over the "sales manager" and he offers us a reduced package. Instead of $30K it's now only $20K. I kind of chuckled to myself. Then he went away and after talking to someone in a "back room" he offered us a package for $11, 700. And then they offered us the Trial package. Which is basically give us a $1, 000 and we'll give you nothing. Pay for a full year, but the first 60 days are not available during porcessing, and June through August are blocked out. To make a long story short, he said, "What is keeping you from securing a lifetime of great vacations and savings for YOUR FAMILY". I said, "Its just that you won't let me have the time to read the fine print and look it over myself. I can't make a decision like this in this short amount of time with no professional advice." His final words were, "YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION TO NOT GIVE YOUR FAMILY the vacation they deserve." That's when he convinced me of what a total ### he is.

    The good news is that we weren't ripped off by them, and the number we gave him, after he begged for something from us, was bogus. I also told him I wouldn't be comfortable giving out friends names and numbers, in order to snare them and pay for my membership fees. The "do not call" has all but eliminated their telemarketing so they ask you for names and numbers. He said it doesn't matter if your even know the people, "just look up name and numbers in the phone book, and give them to us." So its a bonus package, you get thousands of vacation points you cant' use, and you become a secret telemarketer.

  • Me
      26th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow--am I glad I dodged this bullet! We attended a Bluegreen presentation last week in Myrtle Beach, admittedly to get free passes for us and our kids to the new Hard Rock theme park. I was actually interested in what the program had to offer, but we refused to make such a decision in one day, as dictated by Bluegreen's high pressure sales tactics. So we took our freebies and ran--call us mooches, but it looks like we made the right choice. Now that I'm home doing research, I have found numerous complaints like this one all over the web. I am so sorry about those of you who were roped in. I wish you all the best.

  • Do
      28th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    My experiences with Bluegreen Vacation Ownership have been more than wonderful for almost 6 years. My family would never have been able to afford such luxurious accommodations without our membership. We had been on many other such presentations with many big name resorts, Fairfield, Sunterra, Diamond, Wyndam, all with high pressure and big $$. The folks we dealt with at Bluegreen Big Cedar Lodge were more than professional, fun, and friendly. We bought in and never have regretted it. So far we have been to Gatlinburg, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Hawaii, Big Sky Montana, and Branson 5 times. We always get more value for our dollar every year. No problems going when we want to go. I think Bass Pro has a large stake in all this and they are one of best retailers we have ever shopped. From my own print shop business, I know there are some people you can never please no matter WHAT you do for them. We have referred all of our extended family, friends, church associates and professional contacts to Bluegreen. They all thank us continually.

  • Cr
      28th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    my friend Donna first told me about Bluegreen and my husband and I bought a getaway from our local Bass Pro Shop in Memphis. We used it, loved what we saw and immediately joined in the vacation club. That was either in 2002 or 2003 and we love the flexibility, all the choices of use and have never experienced any of the problems listed on this site. When Donna told me about the complaints I had to log on, I guess for curiosity sake, but I do know that there are thousands of members now all over the country. We have just returned from the Fountains, the Bluegreen resort in Orlando, and it was unusally impressive. Every year the ownership benefits get better and better. It is hard to believe that some people can be treated so differently ? sure makes you wonder where they are coming from. I would encourage everyone to see for themselves. If you work or have ever worked in a service oriented industry, you understand that some will never be satisfied. I checked with the TN BBB this morning, and they list Bluegreen with an AAA rating.

  • Da
      28th of Aug, 2008
    -2 Votes

    My wife and I retired 5 years ago and while on our first RV trip, we were offered a 2 night stay at a Bluegreen resort to view their properties. We became members and I can tell you that we take advantage of all the resorts available. We have 2 left to visit, have stayed at 33 different ones to date. Each point covered by the original complaintant are unfounded based on our personal experience. They DO roll out the red carpet, we do have much flexability, and go anytime we want. The only challenge we had was trying to book during the 4th of July, last minute. We didn't expect to get in, so we were not disappointed, but they did accomodate us on July 6 that year. Perfectly understandable. We plan in advance now if we need to arrive on a holiday. I won't go through each point like the earlier poster did, but I did want to say that we love our membership, and would do it all over again. Our membership is for LIFE and well worth it. Our kids will enjoy it long after we are gone.

  • Fr
      1st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I would definitely like to get out of my contract with Bluegreen.
    One of the first questions I asked was: Will I ever have any trouble making reservations in San Diego at the place of my choice, and I was told no, as long as I make the reservations within a 48 hour notice. I called yesterday Sept. 30, 2008 to make reservations for next May, and was told there is nothing available, and that anytime I want to make a reservation, it would have to be one and one half years in advance in order to get anything available. WHAT. This is not what I was told by the two men at Big Cedar in Branson where I purchased this contract. So what good is a timeshare if you cannot use it, and who has $22, 193.42 to spend on nothing. I am a nurses aid and only make 14.00 an hour. I also am 66 years old now and retired this year in January thinking I was going to have a very nice retirement. I want to sell my timeshare NOW and never get involved in anything like this again. If you want to sell your timeshare I was given a number to call which I am going to call today. 1-800-458-5632 . If any of you want to write me about this my e-mail address is: I live in Massachusetts and go and visit my grandchildren every year, and we went to Branson this year and was interviewed at Big Cedar where we stayed for the weekend. I was told that this contract had just come up at a very reasonable price, with 15, 000 points. After reading some of these complaints, I was sold a contract that cost more then most people are paying. Odd that there are different prices on each one. And the interest rate is 15% . That should be called usary. There are laws against this.
    Frances Graff-Welch

  • Lo
      16th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Bluegreen do not have a resort in San Diego. Why did you buy from a company that does not own in the area you want to go ?
    That was sheer madness, every year you would have to pay an exchange fee to RCI

  • Po
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Bluegreen tries to tell you that you don't care for your family if you don't purchase this wonderful opportunity. We knew we were not going to buy a timeshare, but honestly listened to the spill. Right, it is not 90 minutes, more like 180. After asking questions (who wouldn't), told the salesman that we do not make on the spot decisions, and would decline. The salesman went from nice to almost yelling, "you mean you would put a price on your family's happiness?" I was furious. After being thrown several more offers, which we kept refusing, The salesman said "Go get your free stuff and leave!" Beware of staff at Mountain Loft!

  • Ro
      5th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Do you know why Bluegreen has a AAA rating with the BBB? It is because they have paid a hefty price for the endorsement- that is why! Why does everyone think the BBB is the end all beat all in the consumer world?
    That assumption is just WRONG!!
    The ratings supplied by the BBB depend on the amount of $$ the company in question is willing to pay and has absolutely NOTHING to do with their outstanding customer service. Like I said, the companies have paid dearly for the BBB's seal of approval.

    Nothing more.

    Personally, I think that it is wrong when consumers look to them for peace of mind when making a purchase and they basically get nothing in return.
    If a company pays their dues to the BBB on time, then, yes they will show a AAA rating with the BBB.

    If you are unhappy with your purchase you can file a complaint form with your local Attorney General. Every state has an AG with a website. Or you may also go to :

  • Bi
      8th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hey Folks,
    For a little in-sight just look at the ratio of horrified consumers to pleased ones. There is no comparison!! And it's not that they don't know how to use their points, it's that they don't have enough points and probably can't afford to buy anymore! What with the maintainence fees and the dues and on top of that the payment- WHO WOULD??

    I think that Blueturd has taken enough from all of you people and it's time that they were STOPPED. NOW, only you can do this people. Do as the people in PA did.
    Pretty soon- they will go BANKRUPT and noone will have to pay out any of the money that they were scammed out of!
    Did you know that all of you people pay the CEO of this company 1.6 MILLION $$$ yearly. Talk about being taken advantage of- geezzz people wake up and smell the stench that is Blueturd.

    I SAY WE ALL BANKRUPT THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Every dog has it's day- It's now time to pay for all of your evils Blueturd.

  • Bi
      8th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    One more thing I forgot to mention,

    While your waiting for the Bankruptcy to kick in, I say we all go( and tell every single person we can find to go ) and listen to their stupid, lying, crappy presentation and take as many free gifts as you can get your hands on. If you sound like you are even slightly interested or if you appear to be wealthy enough, they will promise you way more gifts for attending.
    Make them pay for your hotel, your dinner, your gas etc.. etc.. Then when you get there- show them a big stack of complaints that you printed out from this website and /link removed/ Ask what their opinion is of them all?? Talk loudly enough so that the entire room will hear you. Make a fuss - go ahead, you've earned it!!
    They will be so anxious to get you out of there you won't last 10 minutes. There you go, free gift cards, free hotel, etc..

    BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME- But before you leave give them some names of people who most probably would be interested (NOT) And send them over to do the same thing.

    Lies, deception, bullying is their strongsuit. NOW YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURS TOO.
    Play by their rules. It won't get you any of the money back that you've lost but it sure does make for an interesting, profitable evening.

    Plus, it gives you something to do while you're waiting for the bankruptcy to kick in!!

    And while you're laying in your hotel bed that evening, courtesy of Blueturd, you can have a good laugh at their expense.

  • Ro
      8th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    You Go Girl!!
    I couldn't have said it better myself!!
    You're a HOOT!!

  • Bi
      9th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Me thinks that Bobbie and Robinann be the same person

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