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Bluegreen Corp / lies and broken promises

1 4960 Conference Way N., #100Boca Raton, FL, United States Review updated:
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We bought into Bluegreen, had great credit for being 21 and 25. Everytime we tried to go somewhere, there wasn't anything available. We were pressured into buying it. I called and talked to a lady in Branson and told her my situation and she said she would try and get me out of the agreement. I received the best phone call in my life a few weeks later stating that we would be able to get out of our agreement, with no refund (which we never asked for) and that it wouldn't affect our credit. We tried to get a home loan to get a house since our family had since grown and where told that our credit score was to low. I called the Branson office and the lady had retired and they gave me the number for Corporate. I talked to a guy named Jamie. Told him we just wanted out of the contract and explained what went on. He said they never make deals like that and that I had been lied to. We continually tried to get out of the contract since we have paid thousands and never have went on a vacation. He said if we paid up to date they would fix our credit and that we couldn't get out the contract. I paid them a thousand dollars and they started taking money out monthly. They stopped taking the money out in May, I haven't seen any withdrawals and our credit was never fixed. Our credit scores of above 700 are now 560. We were aware of the maintenance fees but weren't aware of the yearly fee. I am sure it is all written in the fine print though. We were shown something that wasn't true.

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  • Ta
      17th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Please let me know if you actually did get out of your contract. My husbands working hours have been cut and we can no longer even afford the monthly mortgage that Bluegreen takes from our bank account. Much less the yearly maintenance/club fees that seem to increase every year. I don't want a refund on what we have paid to them. But, I want out of the contract. I want to owe Bluegreen nothing more. We can never get vacation time when we want it or where we want it. In fact, we pay the monthly to Bluegreen and have ended up paying for a hotel room in the same area because we could not get reservations at Bluegreen. Please, if you got out of your contract...PLEASE tell us how. PLEASE.

  • Ca
      25th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hey it's Kassie! So a long time has since passed. No we are not out of the bluegreen contract. However I did contact the attorney general for our state. Missouri!!! He took the case and it actually was sent to a local attorney. All at no cost to me. They informed us that since so many people have filed a complaint that they have to go thru each complaint individually and come to a resolution before they can announce the outcome. The lawyer said she believes that we will have our credit restored and that we should be able to get a refund since we never used their services! I'll keep you posted!

  • Am
      11th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This same thing has happened to us. We can never get in the vacation area that we would like and were told that we could go to an area several states away which is ridiculous. We are paying maintenance fees and now they charge club fees. We have gone to two meetings and stayed twice at Boyne Mountain where their club is located. It took them over three hours to get us into the room there so our time was wasted on one day. Then we had to travel further to reach Mackinac Island. It is just ridiculous that they make promises of going anywhere and yet we cannot get in anywhere even in the slowest seasons. I want to get out and need help as well as we are paying and cannot even use this and its wasting our money. PLEASE, I beg of you to help us if you can!

  • Ju
      1st of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    It is now 2010, and Bluegreen is still taking advantage of people. We were told we had "won" a trip to Las Vegas and just needed a credit card number to hold our reservations. I don't give out my number to anyone. A few days later we recieved all this information in the mail and then a phone call. The old saying, "if it seems to good to be true..." is so right. The promise was for "one of the main resorts" and was only $249 for the two of us. When I called a few days later to cancel, I was told, no problem, they would return our money immediately. Guess what? No refund. Now it is too late to get a refund and we are still the owners of this trip. Anyone want to purchase a wonderful trip for just $249? Oh yes. you have to purchase your own air fare and make your own reservations and sit in a 90 min. lecture, but it is in one of the big resorts.

  • Tt
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    To Judy in MO:

    You may have already found this out. At the Bluegreen Resorts when they schedule your "three day marketing stay" which is actually only 43 hours (for example - from 4PM check in on Friday to 11AM check out on Sunday) that $249 is considered a special promotional rate. If, for any reason, you do not show up and sit through the entire high pressure sales presentation then your special promotional rate will be revoked and they will bill you for the regular rate for a three day stay. It usually turns out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $750.

    You are dealing with a company with no scruples. I have been doing research on Bluegreen for the last week in an effort to help my disabled brother and his wife who became victims last year. They walked into the sales pitch wide-eyed, innocent and very foolish. They unfortunately gave up $20, 000 of their life savings for a timeshare ownership that is now worthless. They have attempted on three separate occassions since last year to book stays using their points. Each time they have been told that the resorts they have requested are fully booked for at least the next six months. I live near the resort where their deeded cabin is located and I know for a fact that the resort is rarely more than 2/3 full. When their points can't be used within one year they lose them. But even when they can't get into a resort with their points they still have to pay all the annual fees (membership, maintenance, taxes, etc.) or Bluegreen could foreclose on the ownership.

    So far, I have found where Bluegreen has been successfully sued in NJ, PA, MO, WI and FL. We are now working with the Attorney General in our state to attempt to get justice for the many victims here.

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