Bloomex / overcharged and atrocious management

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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On 22nd Dec we ordered to hampers under order 1272538. We requested one be delivered to a different address, but were told another order 1272552 would have to be raised. We agreed assuming a credit would be arranged for one hamper . Two hampers were delivered to the same address, not one to another as we requested, and we have been billed for three hampers.
They persistently refuse to accept their mistake, and insist three hampers were delivered even though we never wanted three.
They strangely agreed to send to free hampers as some sort of consolation vent though they will not admit their mistake. Never even an apology for the mistake and atrocious management dispute resolution.
Definitely a good example of how not to retain customers and how not to get good referrals.

Jan 10, 2017

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