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You can't find any male that is serious or true to the reason for the site which looking for a true mate.

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  • Ge
      2nd of Jan, 2013

    I definitely agree. these men are either set-up's by Black People, or just plain liars. Within a month, i got messages from 256 men. All this was is a just game. you return emails, and this game just goes back and forth. Their responses is to contact them, but when you send your contact information; it just goes un-read... You get a return or automatic message to contact. An example is one guy (or the owner of the site) sent me a message stating " Are you just going to keep looking at my pictures, or are you going to write me". I wrote this same so-called person four times. When i responded with an email stating this, i get a phone number to call. Okay, I call the phone number; just as I thought, nothing. Never an answer, no way of recording, and no call back. This is a scam.
    I have responded to so many messages that was sent to me and nothing. I am on the East coast, it's like 2:56 a.m., (i am usually sleep. i just felt compelled to write this. Perhaps there is someone about there on the way t being scammed. These men are not real. I have been on this site off and on since 2009, I have yet to meet someone.

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  • Ro
      29th of Sep, 2013

    I went on black people and I agree there are a bunch of guys that are about games on there. I met one guy had a short relationship because he was "legally separated" we broke up I saw him back on the site a couple of days later showing his status as divorced. I met another guy who only wanted to talk through text. he asked for my phone number I gave it to him following that he texted me back texting out my whole name which was kind of spooky because I hadn't revealed my full name to him. He would never give his number however each time he sent a text message a number would appear, so I called the number and a message would said the number had been disconnected yet I was still recieving multiple text messages from the number. I've also met people that wanted pictures even though I already had photos posted they wanted pictures sent to their phone, then they'd say Im going to call you right back after recieving the pictures and you never hear from them again. Just like with anything there are risk involved . One thing this site has showed me is there are a lot of lustful men I know that's a little bias because I don't know about the women. But a person is willing to be dishonest to get what they think they want there is nothing good in it. The man I got involved with is a classic example. So all I can advise is use wisdom in all things if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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  • Ge
      1st of Sep, 2014

    Just saw your response from a year ago. But i experienced the same... My issue is that i get fake responses overall. And i think that it is from management. I must say, the company has no control of their subscribers and their relationship status. . But they do have control over the fraudulent views and responses that they [the company knows as BPM]initiate in an effort to generate business and subscription renewal. I think that they just hit a button that will generate fake flirt and profile views to all of their subscribers whose subscription is ending. I got photos of dogs, cats, birds, and unfortunately Treyvonne Martin.

    I am on this complaint board not to post a complaint against BPM for sending out fake responses--overall. I was dumb enough to try one more time to see what happens. So i fell into their trap again for a month. The reduced rate was tempting.

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  • Ch
      31st of Jan, 2017

    I agree, the Site is made up of mostly fake profiles. Most of the profile pictures seem old and faded. The new profile pictures are few in number and seem to be added only to complete the fraud. There is usually just a picture and very little else on the profile. Most of the women say just about the same thing. "I'm a hopeless romantic", " I am hard working, I am good, I go to church, walks in the park, go out to eat, looking for an honest good man who will not play games or cheat, a man with good hygiene"...blah blah blah... You get your 10 new matches, and flirt after flirt. The site automatically sends out flirts to women telling the women you sent the flirt,
    It has to be a Site administrator(or someone with the proper privileges). You get messages from women who say things like:" I think you have a neat profile. Have a good rest of the week. I moved back home after living in New York. I don't like clubs. Maybe, we can meet sometime or go out to eat." You answer the message and never get a response, Or the response goes something like this: " Gee I wish you the best in your search. I really like your profile. Have a great rest of your day..I love that picture of you ..."
    The site seems dead. Black people use the English language in a certain way. Black people talk about certain things. There are certain types of Black women with certain styles and outlooks and ways of communicating. The profiles don't reflect that rich diversity of people you find among black people, There appear to be one or two women who will engage in phone calls. One woman told me she always carries a gun and that she once put a gun to the head of her "abusive" ex-husband and pulled the trigger before she knew what happened, The gun misfired. Another woman a religious fanatic talked to me only about her dead boy friend. Then they both vanished, thank God! The Site is a fake, I'm thinking about running this pass the States Attorney.

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