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T Mar 15, 2013 Review updated:

I have been "donating plasma at theis center for one year. On march 8 2013 I checked in to thee facility & went therough thee normal steps required each time before thee actual donation. After I was given thee ok I went out on to thee"donation floor"at which time I was assigned a specific section in which I was to report to. I reported to my assigned section laid down on thee donation bed & the technician started the process by first asking me my full name & last four digits of my social security number. After this she began to feel for my vein for the vein puncture. She marked it with the end of the iodine stick which she used to sanitize thee puncture area. After doing thee puncture she immediately had difficulties getting thee proper blood flow, after attempting to move thee needle around (at which time I told her twice that it was very pain full) she called over another more experienced technician. They could not get the proper blood flow so thee 2nd technician asked if they could use my right arm I told her yes as long as thee first technician was not doing thee puncture. After doing thee actual puncture she noticed theat the line had clotted up & I was told I could not donate theat day.

On saturday march 16the I returned & started thee process before donation, I was told that due to thee bruise on my left arm I had to see the nurse, which I did. I was told by the nurse that I was deferred from donating until thee bruise was healed. Today march 13 2013 I again reported to the center for donation. I had to see thee center nurse before I could donate due to thee bruise theat had been on my arm, after seeing thee nurse & I was told I had to see thee manager. I seen a manager but not the center manager to discuss my"living situation."I have a domestic partner whom is named"jeffrie", she assumed that my partner was a male! I assured her theat jeffrie was not a male ratheer a female. Then we began to discuss thee email which had sent to the"center manager"concerning the incident the week before. She told me theat she thought theat my email was" offensive"I told her that it was intended theat way. The technician theat did the first vein puncture the week before had been having problems with her confidence in doing vein punctures, I seen her a few weeks before during her training at which time she was very very afraid to do vein punctures'. I told the manager that if the technician was afraid of doing vein punctures she had"no place on the donataion floor & that she needed additional training" she told be that I could not call thee technicians incompetent & that I would be deferred permanently from thee program.

Biolife Plasma Services


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      Jun 07, 2014

    Yesterday, I went into Biolife plasma to give as i normally do.
    Upon finishing, the technician put gauze on my arm and pulled out the needle, apon doing that, the needle left a huge scratch!

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      Jun 07, 2014

    But you still got paid, didn't you?

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      Jun 07, 2014

    ouch! If you have to sell blood you need to turn off the puter and go put in some applications, get a job.

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      Sep 14, 2015

    Learn how to use the written English language correctly and maybe someone will take you seriously.

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