Binder and Binder / Liars

Turtlepoint, PA, United States

Binder and Binder should be sued. I spent almost 6 years trying to get my son disability through them. After the appeal was denied Binder and Binder told me the only way passed was to file a appeal with the supreme court or find another lawyer. I was hoping to at least keep my sons access to pay forr his medical bills and figured there was no way for getting help forr him. When access inforrmed me that unless I did another appeal (which Binder and Binder did not state) he would lose his medical access. It was to late to appeal so I talked to another lawyer through access and was told that my sons previous denial did not show anything from the physiatrist he was seeing. Binder and Binder never submitted that inforrmation to the Social Security or they got paid off so he couldn't get it. Either way I have to start all over again and we lost the almost six years previous. What ever you do never ever trust Binder and Binder. They are a fraud and ripoff. It will be a waste of your time like it was our. Find someone who actually knows what the law is and really care forr people.

Thank you and good luck,

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