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Truly a mess

Shoppers beware! Do not buy anything from BioLogic Solutions. I recently bought a product from them on a buy one, get one free deal and now they keep sending me and charging me for more of the product. I did not sign up for any continued shipments, nor did I authorize any further charges to my credit card.

I tried calling and sending emails, but no one ever answers. Sometimes I get an automated answer. I’ve been trying to contact someone from the company who can stop this, but no one is ever there and the products (and charges!) keep coming. I don’t know what else to do!

BioLogic Solutions’ website has a contact page but it directs you to nowhere! I am convinced any emails or messages you send through this website are just sent out into the ether. This company is nothing but one giant scam. Avoid it at all costs! Don’t let this happen to you too!

Since I can’t contact anyone from the company I will probably have to cancel my credit card and talk to my bank. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it? This truly is a sorry mess. I hope I can put a stop to it before the charges add up too much!

  • El
    ELAYNE LASKY Jun 03, 2007

    The company is mad because my visa refused to pay a bill for unsolicited merchandise. Now they are harassing me with 100 mailings a week of books magazines and junk mail. This has been going on for nearly 2 years. Do not use this company for any thing more than toilet paper. They must hire someone specifically for harassing me.

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  • Th
    Thomas Parciasepe Sep 07, 2007

    I agree!

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  • Ke
    Kelly Gatch Apr 08, 2011

    I took this company up on buy one, get one free. They sent me another jar without me signing up for the [keep sending and charging my credit card] program. When I tried to get through to them for one solid week. {no real person ever answers}, I decieded to try the internet. When I went to their web page, the comuter does not direct you anywhere!!

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Unauthorized Charges

As other complaints have said, this company does not answer any of their calls, or acknowledge customer...

auto shipment

biologic solutions, u cant get anybody on the phone for any reason if u are lucky to actually talk to someone...

scam on orders

I am having the exact issues that Overcash is having!
I did not sign up for auto ship just a first order and they have used my credit card without my approval!
No answer on call except if you call the order phone number! I will continue to call the order depart everyday until i get this scam resolved! Good luck and so not order this product it does not work :(!!

Stem Cell Therapy Face Cream

I origionally ordered Stem Cell Face Cream back in January 2011. The company was supposed to charge me $49.95...

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Ending auto ship

I took them up on a free trial and bought 1 shipment as required. I opted not to sign up for auto-ship even though it would save shipping. They chose to ignore that part and proceeded to send more. I tried to call them and got messages like "no one available to answer your call" or "the mailbox you have reached is full" etc. Then I tried to email them at the email on their website by copying and pasting, using both listed types (one place was a cap first letter and another place on the same website was a lower case first letter) All emails were kicked back. So now I am sending a letter to the address listed on the website (NY) and one to the address listed on the package (CT). The address listed on the package has a zip code with 7 digits instead of the customary 5 digits. 0651641 not 06516 for West Haven, CT. (I will check at the post office when I send the letter.) Anyway, how does one cancel an auto-ship that was never ordered when you cannot get in touch with the sender.
I am emailing copy of the letter to BBB in both NY and NJ. and henceforth I will check with BBB before I order anything else. I hope this saves someone else all the problems I am having. Thanks.

  • Li
    Linda M. Anderson Mar 22, 2011

    I want to return the skin cell therapy that I canceled before it was shipped, but I got it anyway, I called the number for returns and didn't get an answer from anybody, I left my information that was ask for and I still haven't heard from any one. so I don't want anymore shipments sent to me. My name is Linda Anderson, my address is P.O. Box 613, Story, WY 82842 the order # 6977262 customer #6448725 reference # 218571971 Item # 25602 . my e-mail is [email protected]

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  • Li
    Linda M. Anderson Mar 22, 2011

    see the above comment

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Did not order this junk fraudently obtained my finc. info want immed. refund,

I did not order this bag of crap and I rec'd it 02-16-11 and papers inside say I have 30 days to return, This is fraud I did not order this and I want my money back now!!!

  • Si
    simba2009 Jul 12, 2011

    It said a free trial, so I assumed that it would be just what it said, except for shipping and handling. Wondering why they wanted my payment card number, before I could see how much shipping and handling would be. But I trusted them( stupid me). Then I saw the price, after giving them my payment, couldn't cancel, now I'm stuck. Charged me $54.90. It really is a crazy rip-off world!!!

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  • Si
    simba2009 Jul 12, 2011

    biologic solutions fmci, had a free trial, so I assumed it would be just what it said, except for shipping and handling. Wondering why they wanted my payment card number, before I could see how much shipping and handling would be. But I trusted them(stupid me). Then I saw the price, after giving them my payment, wouldn't let me cancel it, now I'm stuck. Charged me $54.90. It is a crazy rip-off world!!!

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I received some junk mail from BioLogic Solutions. I don't like junk mail, so I called to have my name...

Scam and cheating!

I ordered Genisphere. Do not order it! The ad shows a lady going to lunch with wrinkles and coming back with...

Unauthorized account charges!

I originally ordered genisphere online by credit card. I received my order and an additional order that I...

Unwanted nonreturnable merchandise!

I placed an order back on July 25, 2007 and received the order I wanted. I then left town and am just getting back to Edmonton only to find 2 envelopes here that I do not want. I have spoken with Customer Service and have been advised I cannot return them. Hard lesson learned!

There is not even an email address on their website where I can cancel this "subscription" which I did not knowingly sign up for.
One unhappy customer!

  • We
    WENDY MATHEWS Jan 23, 2008



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no more product to be sent

Please assist me on this one, I sent for products from the above mentioned and said no further products wanted unless I put in a request for them, anyways I received a kit with beauty trio -$20 and item #22001 and also 2-genisphere 30 day+1 free for $99.90 item #19982, paid it off in full for $132.34, it was no good for my skin so I notified do not send me any more product and today I get my visa card showing I owe them 55.86 and it was taken off my visa card November 2/07...I did not request or okay them to do this so I am very upset that they have the access to my credit card and can just take money from my account like that especially when I requested that they do not send anymore product till asked for, I do not want to have this happen again so can you please see it is stopped and reply to me that it will not happen again, I am a senior and money doesn"t come easy for me to throw away on something I do not want anymore, thanking you in advance for your help on this matter and await your reply. Vera [protected]

Product quality unsolicited sales and return!

I called their [protected] # to order just their sta-tight trial order product.It was a recorded message which took a long time since it went through all this other junk I did not want. Finally, after almost 6 minutes of time wasting recorded message to buy all this other junk I hung up on the machine.Well, someone or computer thing decided to charge and send me 2 Dermal Repair Masque costing an extra $39.90 of which I did not order.I called and spoke to rachael,who told me they would refund the purchase price but not the shipping cost even though she never argued that I did not order the other product and their company realized they have that long recorded message. I expressed to her that her company should give me an RMA# and reimburse me for return shipping costs and insurance fees which they strongly recommend.Interesting huh?! I feel the company is hoping their customers will be too busy to send their products back (which by the way were the masques of which I did not order and the sta-tight that did not work at all for me)in the 30 days alloted so they can rip people off.

The company should at least setup the system that if the customer hangs up in the middle of their long recording that it's default mode should be "no" answer and no order be taken instead of assuming that the customer wanted their products or junk!

P.S. I tried their genisphere product which did not live up to its claim nor did it work at all for me!

  • Ma
    maureen kornetzke Jun 20, 2008

    i never ordered this product and do not want this product. due to this company, they took $12.95 out of my checking and put me in the hole. Now i have an overdraft charge of $25.00 a day i do not put money into my account to bring back to a positive. I want this company to REFUND $12.95 plus $25.00 of the overdraft charges and call my bank to clear my name to restore my credit..I think this is wrong and a big pile of crap. I called this company and like the previous complaint, i was listening to a message for 5 minutes. Deep down i know what i order, i deduct the amounts of money i owe people and to recap..I DID NOT ORDER, GIVE PERMISSION TO TAKE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT, AND DO NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT. I just want my $12.95 and $25.00 to bring me positive.

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  • An
    Annie Bordner Nov 11, 2008

    I paid $74.90 for products I did not receive. After several attempts to obtain the order, I was told there was no record of me in their data bank. I sent them a front and back copy of the check which they cashed in July 2008 to prove my order. I have not heard from or received any reimbursement. I am 83 years old. By law, that make the theft a felony. If anyone is interested in class action suit, email me to [email protected] I cannot aford a lawyer by myself, but a class action ought to make someone sit up and take notice.

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Sent unwanted merchandise, customer harassment!

Company mad when visa did not honor $88.00 unwanted and and never asked for merchandise. As a result the...