BioLogic Solutions Complaints & Reviews

BioLogic Solutions / Truly a mess


Shoppers beware! Do not buy anything from BioLogic Solutions. I recently bought a product from them on a buy one, get one free deal and now they keep sending me and charging me for more of the product. I did not sign up for any continued shipments, nor did I authorize any further charge...

BioLogic Solutions / Unauthorized Charges


As other complaints have said, this company does not answer any of their calls, or acknowledge customer complaints. They had an infomercial in late 2010 that I saw for their Stem Cell Therapy Cream and I called the # advertised. The call was completely automated and offered about 1000...

BioLogic Solutions / auto shipment


biologic solutions, u cant get anybody on the phone for any reason if u are lucky to actually talk to someone they hang up on u i was on hold for 2 hr when i actually got one word in and she hung up on me.. i didnt sign up for auto shipment dont want it, the stuff i bought burns your eyes and doesnt work anyway BE WARNED THIS IS A RIP OFF SITE

BioLogic Solutions / scam on orders


I am having the exact issues that Overcash is having! I did not sign up for auto ship just a first order and they have used my credit card without my approval! No answer on call except if you call the order phone number! I will continue to call the order depart everyday until i get thi...

Biologic Solutions/Stem Cell Therapy Face Cream / Stem Cell Therapy Face Cream


I origionally ordered Stem Cell Face Cream back in January 2011. The company was supposed to charge me $49.95 plus s&h. I was to get 1 jar of stem cell therapy cream plus a free jar. The sent me this but also sent with it a third jar (which I never ordered) and charged me a total of...

BioLogic Solutions / Ending auto ship


I took them up on a free trial and bought 1 shipment as required. I opted not to sign up for auto-ship even though it would save shipping. They chose to ignore that part and proceeded to send more. I tried to call them and got messages like "no one available to answer your call" or "the...

Biologic Solutions/FMCI / Did not order this junk fraudently obtained my finc. info want immed. refund,


I did not order this bag of crap and I rec'd it 02-16-11 and papers inside say I have 30 days to return, This is fraud I did not order this and I want my money back now!!!

BioLogic Solutions / Contact


I received some junk mail from BioLogic Solutions. I don't like junk mail, so I called to have my name removed from the list. No one answers the customer service number. And when I finally got someone on the orders line, he intentionally hung up on me. If you need to talk to someone...

BioLogic Solutions / Scam and cheating!


I ordered Genisphere. Do not order it! The ad shows a lady going to lunch with wrinkles and coming back with none. My lotion works better! What's more... don't try to return it. I sent back a sealed bottle and was told I didn't make the 30 day frame to return it. True... but...

Biologic Solutions GeniSphere` / Unauthorized account charges!


I originally ordered genisphere online by credit card. I received my order and an additional order that I didn't order. They used the credit card but as I am on a fixed income there was not enough money in the account. I was charged overdraft fees and the check to the water dept wa...

BioLogic Solutions / Unwanted nonreturnable merchandise!


I placed an order back on July 25, 2007 and received the order I wanted. I then left town and am just getting back to Edmonton only to find 2 envelopes here that I do not want. I have spoken with Customer Service and have been advised I cannot return them. Hard lesson learned! There is not even...

BioLogic Solutions / no more product to be sent


Please assist me on this one, I sent for products from the above mentioned and said no further products wanted unless I put in a request for them, anyways I received a kit with beauty trio -$20 and item #22001 and also 2-genisphere 30 day+1 free for $99.90 item #19982, paid it off in...

BioLogic Solutions / Product quality unsolicited sales and return!


I called their [protected] # to order just their sta-tight trial order product.It was a recorded message which took a long time since it went through all this other junk I did not want. Finally, after almost 6 minutes of time wasting recorded message to buy all this other junk I hung up on...

BioLogic Solutions / Sent unwanted merchandise, customer harassment!


Company mad when visa did not honor $88.00 unwanted and and never asked for merchandise. As a result the company sends me books magazines travelogues, etc. some of which demand payment. I get as much as 100 pieces of mail a month. They must hire someone just to harass me. We are well...