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I am a disabled Veteran. The Veterans Administration (VA) has determined me unemployable due to my service connected illness. I wish getting VA benefits was as easy as typing that opening sentence, but it isn't. To get VA benefits you have to fight the Government tooth and nail and it took me around 13 years to get my benefits from the VA.

To qualify for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits you must meet certain eligibility requirements. The VA and the SSA have the same eligibility requirements as both are United States Government Departments. I was told by the VA to also apply for my SSA benefits. I figured that would be easy since I was already found unemployable due to my illness through he VA. WRONG! My SSA claim was denied.

I seen Binder and Binder's commercial on TV and called them because I was exhausted fighting the Government so I was going to let them fight the Government. After all, they said they were specialized in it so I figured it should be a walk in the park for them and I mean literally because I was already found to be unemployable by the VA which is another Government department.

Five years later and three appeals later, I along with my Binder and Binder lawyer who I have never met before was in arbitration. The SSA sent their doctor as their witness who testified that after his review of my medical evidence he found that I was unemployable. I figured it was a locked deal. I mean their doctor just testified on MY behalf! About a month and a half later however, I received a letter from the courts with the arbitration judge's decision. He ruled against me and his reason was because he believed that if I was sick the way I claim I would be skinny, not obese. YES, that was the explanation to his ruling. He disregarded my VA medical records, he disregarded the doctor who was their on behalf of the SSA and he used his own personal opinion to make a decision.

Binder and Binder appealed and the court sided with the arbitration judge. That is when I received a letter from Binder and Binder stating that we had one appeal left which was to the Supreme Court. I forget the cost involved, but I had to pay it up front if I wanted to appeal the Supreme Court. I had to let it go. I was railroaded and although I know that is what the Government does I still hold Binder and Binder responsible, because I do not believe they properly handled my case.

They kept sending me these questionnaires that asked me about my knees, hips and back because they were going for my arthritis. I kept telling them the arthritis was not my problem that it was my Gulf War Syndrome that made me unemployable, but they never listened to me. Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back I wish I would have gone with a local law firm where I could have actually seen my lawyers face to face when needed.

If you are going to look for a lawyer to represent you against the SSA, don't pick a law firm that is national. Get a local law firm that you can deal with directly with your lawyer when you need to. I wish I could sue Binder and Binder. Any lawyer looking to take a class action suit?

Mar 25, 2013
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  • Hj
      Mar 27, 2013

    Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for disability lawyers ( but wasn't quite sure where to start so this was great information.

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  • Li
      May 25, 2017

    I would also like to have a class action lawsuit against Binder and Binder. Lisa 217_ 716_ 6992

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  • Mp
      Jan 18, 2018

    I would also like any information about any class action law suits being filed against Binder and Binder for miss representation of their clients that they were advocates for. They had my case 3 years and sent an attorney to my hearing who had only reviewed my case for about an hour. The attorney could not pronounce the name of my disease much less present the case. I presented the case to the Judge and rehab specialist. Binder and Binder never got any money from me, but wasted a lot of valuable time of mine. Kindly keep me posted if you hear of any such litigation about Binder and Binder. My email address is
    [protected] Good luck and take it easy coping with your disabilities that no Judge has the right to diagnose what I can and can not do when it comes to health issues. I do not understand why a medical person is not making disability decisions.

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