Big O Tires / broken headlamp assembly

Springfield, GA, United States

I bought some tires from Big O over a year ago, Big O was fantastic at the north Glenstone location in Springfield MO. So when I needed a quick state inspection, I figured I would give them another shot.

I took my 2007 Mazda CX-7 to Big O on Republic Road in Springfield MO for a state inspection. My passenger side headlight had just went out a few days prior to this incident. Instead of messing with it, I figured I would just pay the shop to replace it. I was told they would get me right in, after waiting an hour and a half (literally)I asked to if it would be much longer, the manager apologized and said they forgot about me and made sure that I was next in line. I should have left then.

Of course I failed for my headlight, I asked them to replace it so I could pass. While changing out my light, they broke my headlight assembly! The manager told me that he would check out some numbers and get back to me about replacing it for me. After several calls to the store over the next week, the manager informed me that his best price was $560 for parts, but we could work something out.

During our next conversation he said that I would have to buy the whole assembly and Big O would only cover labor... for a part they broke in the first place! After several calls to salvage yards I found one for $225 plus tax $241.82, called Big O, I explained what happened to the Assistant Manager who was there at the time, he told me to bring it in, he would take care of me. He installed my headlamp, it works great. He then said, ok, let me put the paperwork in for you to get a refund on my cost if the headlamp, because it was their fault in the first place. He took copies of everything I had, then told me that I would get a check from Big O, or the parent company on 8-10 weeks, that was June 19th... 12 weeks ago.

I went back to Big O, the assistant manager said that he had no control of the checks and that I needed to contact Big O. Through this whole experience, I have had to be proactive and push to get anything done, my advice to all is not to use Big O on Republic Rd

Big O Tires

Sep 19, 2017

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