Big Bazaar / Future Groupmishandling by security personnel

Today I visited Big Bazaar at ZSquare, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh as I wanted to buy some gifts but I couldn't found anything suitable for me. I simply walked away from store but as I stepped out the outdoor unit started to beep because of some technical glitch suddenly guards ran towards me and floor manager took me some trial room, I felt as if I have committed some heinous crime as all visitors were looking at me, I felt humiliated and then they dragged me then took off my clothes and made me nearly naked...I am still in mental trauma as this was my first such instance, I was kept on telling that I don't have anything with me and plead continuously but nobody was ready to listen. After that they saw me that I was under immense stress they started to bribe and offered me freebies but I denied as I was not interested in that all, somehow I mustered courage and left the premises with deep agony and shame. All the way to home I was thinking do these big bazaar manager have that really that right to humiliate and torcher common man and when they don't find anything then they can bribe someone do big companies think that everyone is corrupt and gullible.
I didn't want to tell anyone about this incidence but my values find it unacceptable and this mentality need to be changed.

Nov 24, 2018

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