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I have purchased many of these blinds over the past few years. I replaced my vinyl blinds with your faux wood blinds in my whole house, 9 windows. I recently decided to purchase more of these blinds for my vacation home as was pleased with the product. I purchased blinds for all the windows in my vacation home, 9 windows. The blinds were hung and when I returned about a month later one of the blinds had warped terribly. I was very upset regarding this. This had not happened before with any of the other blinds. I have purchased both white and ebony blinds. The blind that warped was an ebony blind in a bedroom, same side of the house as another window but no damage to that blind. I would appreciate receiving a replacement blind for this window. It is a 46 x 63 in blind in ebony, 2 in faux wood. These were purchased at Walmart. The blind is currently still in my vacation home, which is in a different state from where I reside. Please ship a replacement blind to my home address. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Linda Warren
2605 N.Elizabeth Harbor Dr
Chesapeake Va 23321

Jun 01, 2018

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