Better Homes And Gardens Complaints & Reviews

Better Homes and Gardens / Wax Melts

Oct 23, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI loved the scent of the vanilla caramel spice for a fall scent. Unfortunately when I used it in my wax warmer it ate the paint off. I am disappointed because I've had this warmer for less than a year. The paint doesn't affect the warmers ability, but it is ugly to look at. I will...

Shannon Hagler Better Homes & Garden Realty / realty co.

Oct 03, 2019

Taking money under false pretense. Now I understand after three months of being treated in a manner, I have touched on a standard practice. knowing I would never get my commission-security deposits back. Holding on to this check so tightly tells me everything. Any responsible tenant would...

Better Homes and Gardens / wax melt

Sep 27, 2019

This is NOT a complaint but rather a REQUEST... Please tell me where I can order/buy the BHG Warm Tobacco Leaf wax melts. They are amazing. I use these in my retail home and flooring store and I constantly have folks commenting on how wonderful my store smells, however, Wal*Mart no longer...

Better Homes and Gardens / realtor complaint

Sep 24, 2019

To Shannon hagler better homes & garden [protected]-7272 250 west indiantown rd suite 103 Jupiter fl, 333458 The art of the scam If we only had beauty or charm we would never have to become a better person. The teachings of shannon hagler: Check the worth of the john (pigeon) Or...

Better Homes and Gardens / queen size sheets set

Sep 23, 2019

Better Homes and GardensMy mother bought me Beautiful Homes and Gardens burgundy sheet set in June because I was turning 65 on July 4th! I Loved the sheets! They were soft, didn't wrinkle and were the perfect color! That's how I Did feel until yesterday when I wore up to the fitted sheet had a huge hole and the...

Better Homes and Gardens / 28” diameter round mirror gold finish

Sep 16, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased the 28" gold mirror from a Walmart a month ago and it was really difficult for me to spend $58 on a plain gold mirror but hung it about two weeks ago and have been satisfied. Until today when the hardware on the back broke causing the mirror to fall on a guest on my couch and...

Better Homes and Gardens / apple butter candle

Aug 26, 2019

A couple years ago, I purchased apple butter candles made by better homes and gardens. I have looked everywhere, I would like to purchase more. Did they discontinue them? Will they ever cycle back around? I have looked at multiple walmarts as well as online and seem to come up short. Can...

Better Homes and Gardens / better home and iron board

Aug 13, 2019

The cover on the ironing board is so thin it leaves the marks of the ironing board on everthing I iron. This is the 2nd board I got. The first complely broke and fell to the floor. Walmart replaced with the same. If I could have I would have never got the same kind. The people at my work...

Better Homes and Gardens / stoneware dishes

Aug 12, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased 2 sets of Teal Medallion dishes from Walmart about 2 years ago. The back of the plates say "Dishwasher & microwave safe. Oven safe up to 450°F/232°C". This morning I was heating something up in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes and one of my dinner plates broke right down the...

Better Homes and Gardens / better homes and gardens leighton twin over twin wood bunk bed

Aug 09, 2019

So we bought the Better Homes and Gardens Leighton Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed and the bottom side boards just cracked out and broke for no reason. Luckily we did not have them stacked on each other or it could have been serious injuries for one of our boys. I was wondering how would we...

Better Homes and Gardens / shannon hagler office manager realtor

Aug 06, 2019

I am a RENTER and payed a Realtor commission on a property that the owner should had payed. First it was told by me it was just a deposit and it was stated on my lease. Then five day before I moved in I questioned this deposit. Shannon Hagler Stated that this was a Commission and I would not...

Better Homes and Gardens / soup mug.

Jul 25, 2019

I bought the soup mug cup you sale perfect size for my husband to take his soup are whatever he wants to work . Only thing is this is the 4th one i have bought him in only 2 monrhs. The lid snaps on in 3 places on top its alittle hard to get them to snap. I do good on getting 2 to lock but...

Better Homes and Gardens / set of 12 bronze finish double shower hooks

Jul 24, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased the bronze finish double shower hooks and was putting up my shower curtain and decorative last night and discovered I only had 11 hooks. I am needing one more hook. I do not have the time to take this back to the walmart I purchased it so could you just send me the 12th one. I...

Better Homes and Gardens / leighton twin over twin wood bunk bed

Jul 19, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI recently purchased one of your bunk bed sets, and quite frankly I wish I hadn't. My kids were sleeping peacefully, next thing you know it sounds like the house is falling apart and they're screaming bloody murder. I go in their room to see that the beds collapsed. My daughter and son...

Better Homes and Gardens / full set of egyptian cotton sheets

Jul 05, 2019

Bought a beautiful grey full set of 100 %Egyptian Cotton sheets from Walmart in Jasper Ga. They were fine till I washed and dried them. Out of the dryer they had a very strong chemical smell which causes my eyes to burn and my nose to clogg off. Even the few things I dried with the sheet...

Better Homes and Gardens / queen sheet set

Jul 03, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI bought these new sheets around the first of April. They have been washed once and used twice. The fitted sheets started shredding. I didn't keep my Walmart receipt so I couldn't take them back. I would like for you to make my purchase good. It was a queen size deep pocket sheet set. I...

Better Homes and Gardens / outdoor lighting ac adapter model# pw903p-a3512

Jun 29, 2019

Better Homes and GardensPurchased last year from Walmart. Transformer/adapter quit this week. Reviews say this is an ongoing issue with this product. The product appears to be obsolete It appears to be out of stock and not available or one comparable. This was purchased with 4 flower scone lights $30 each that...

Better Homes and Gardens / bbw

Jun 29, 2019

Better Homes and GardensWe bought our BHG, BBQ about two years ago. The first year we had the BBQ the bottom tray rusted out and we contacted you and you replaced it. The second year the heat deflectors have rusted out and the grills have pealed away making it unusable. We are very disappointed. We paid good...

Better Homes and Gardens / ceramic rania outdoor tabletop torch

Jun 16, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased this item on 6/15/2019 and it worked one day and the next day I tried to use it and I couldn't get it to light again because I filled it up to much and I soaked some of it out to get it to light again and it wouldn't light anymore, I like using these type of torches on my deck...

Better Homes and Gardens / defective sheets

Jun 08, 2019

I bought a queen set of Better Homes and Gardens sheets. Within months, the fitted sheet began shredding. I attempted to sew the rip, but the material was so shredded that I was unable to repair. I would like to return the sheets to you for a replacement set. Please send me a return...

Better Homes & Gardens / lack of magazine coverage of melania trump

Jun 04, 2019

The President and "First Lady" are in London. Have you noticed her persona and beautiful wardrobe? What a classy representative of the U.S. We hover and fawn over the wardrobe worn by the Queen's family, etc. but Better Homes & Gardens has completely ignored our First Family. Why haven't...

Better Homes and Gardens / bhg storage cube 8

May 27, 2019

I have several of the BHG 8 Storage Cubes in Rustic Gray. I love the pieces however a few of the shelves have broken and I have had the units for just 6 addition when I purchased these I assumed I would be able to purchased the fabric or wicker container that fit your storage...

Better Homes and Gardens / outdoor edison lights

May 15, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI bought your outdoor Edison lights 2 strands at Walmart the end of March. I put them up and now I am noticing that there is condensation in the bulbs and standing water sitting on the bottom of the bulb. I have other lights from Home Depot and this is not the norm. I dont have the boxe...

Better Homes and Gardens / bottom queen sheet bought at walmart that is falling apart

Apr 29, 2019

I called BHG and they gave me the number for Walmart, evidently they make the product and put BHG logo on the sheets. I tried to take the bottom queen sheet back, but they only guarantee product for 3 months. It was absolutely clear that the sheet had a defect in manufacturing, but since...

Better Homes and Gardens / lunch bowl

Apr 27, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI recently purchased a Better homes and gardens lunch box bowl with the compartments and spoon and fork. I was very excited to use it but the handled popped off. 2 were missing completely and the other broke off when closing the bowl. Like i said i liked all the features having the...

Better Homes and Gardens / better homes and garden seed packs

Apr 27, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI recently purchased you variety pack of tomato seeds at Walmart. I opened the packs and all were good but my Cherokee purple tomatoes was empty of seeds on opening. Could you please resolve my dilemma as I was looking forward to planting these seeds this season. I can give you the package...

Better Homes and Gardens / better homes and gardens 66" modern farmhouse storage bookcase cabinet

Apr 23, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI have purchased/delivered two items of BH&G through Walmart. BOTH have arrived with boxes in great shape but contents are broken. Thus telling me it is damaged in manufacturing /packaging and let go through to the customer!! I sent back the first shelf, but this one didn't want to deal with...

Better Homes and Gardens / wax cubes

Apr 18, 2019

I have been buying your wax cubes for over 5 years, or there aqbout from walmart, and never had a problem until now. I buy 5 to 8 sifferent packages of the 6 cube packages, every month like clockwork, and this time I buy 4, and I dont know if they were old or what but there was absolutely...

Better Homes and Gardens / dinnerware set

Apr 13, 2019

We recently purchased 2 - 16 piece handcrafted stoneware dinnerware sets from Walmart and are very dissatisfied with the quality. They chip with just the slightest contact. As of today 7 plates are chipped and one broke completely. The dishes are not handled roughly . On one occasion, a...

Better Homes and Gardens / better homes and gardens outdoor lighting

Apr 10, 2019

We bought 2 -20' strings of the outdoor led patio lights in the fall of '18 from Walmart. They are the Better Homes and gardens brand. They initially began to get dim and now they no longer work at all. They don't seem to be weather proof. I called Walmart and they won't stand behind them...

Better Homes and Gardens / magazine subscription

Apr 10, 2019

To talk to a live person at Meredith is [protected]. If you get no where with the Representative ask to speak to the manager. I bought a bundle package of 4 mags. Taste of Home, BHG Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart thru Magazine.Store. They sell from different publishers ToH is sold thru another pub. Take pics of all transactions as I did thankfully.

Better Homes and Gardens / fire pit problem

Apr 07, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased a 37inch Colbrook fire pit from walmart last summer, it was carefully covered and stored in my shed for the winter and upon taking it out I found the coating on the top is cracked and peeling. What can be done about this?i would like to get a new top for this product if that i...

Better Homes and Gardens / candied mulberry wax melts

Apr 06, 2019

This isn't a "complaint" per se... More of a wondering? I loved the mulberry wax melts and I loved mixing them with the cranberry Mandarin. Made the most perfect blend of sweet and citrus. But it's been years since the mulberries. Any chance they'll ever come back??? Candied mulberry...

Better Homes and Gardens / 9 foot round umbrella

Mar 27, 2019

Better Homes and GardensLast fall of 2018, I purchased two 9 foot garden umbrellas at Wal-Mart, that are Better Home & Garden products. We had the umbrella adjusted at an angle to block the sun one afternoon, and while we were in our home for awhile, heard a crash and found the umbrella on the ground. As we...

Better Homes and Gardens / 3pc king comforter set

Mar 18, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased a king 3 pc comforter set from a local walmart branch. I had only had it for 2 days and decided to wash it. I checked the tag to make sure it was machine washable. I followed the washing instructions. I removed the comforter from the washer to find a ball of a ed's! The...

Better Homes and Gardens / Outdoor dining chair cushions (4)

Mar 15, 2019

Better Homes and GardensBought four dining chair cushions from Walmart on 2/22/2019. Looked beautiful and the fabric appears to be holding up well--which is to be expected since the cushions are less than a month old. However, the seat portion of these cushions has flattened so much that we can feel the metal of...

Better Homes and Gardens / better homes and garden bryant nightstand

Feb 25, 2019

On 1/-24 I bought 2 nightstands & 1 dresser from Walmart. My first order 2 nightstands.- box 1 had part e missing box 2 had part b built upside down & no hardware. We combined so I would have 1 completed and sent back. after several attempts we finally got another- box 3 had 2 part c and...

Better Homes and Gardens / mixing bowls of kitchen prep set

Feb 15, 2019

Better Homes and GardensI purchased the kitchen prep set in red at the Walmart Thanksgiving night sale this past season. I got the medium bowl out this week to use and pour in my ingredients in and started mixing it together and noticed red flecks in the mix. I was curious as to what it was and upon further...

Better Homes and Gardens / papasan chair

Jan 23, 2019

I bought a new, sealed boxed papasan chair from Walmart for over a $100.00 that says hardware included to open and find no hardware in the box at all. I did not spend good money on a product only to get it home and not even be able to use it! Very disappointed. I have a frame, cushion and...

Better Homes and Gardens / foaming soap dispenser

Jan 22, 2019

I purchased a bronze color foaming soap dispenser from Wal-Mart. I used it for a week before the top wouldn't return to the up position. I am thinking the spring is too weak. I had to throw it in the garbage as I no longer had the receipt. I am afraid I would be wasting my time and money...