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Good Afternoon All!
Date of Incident: March 12, 2017

I was a loyal West Nashville Costco customer, honestly, I was loyal to the core! I truly couldn't say anything bad about Costco until today. Today, I was shopping for groceries like any other day and had a wonderful experience (like always) until I got to the register and was asked to see my drivers license, Costco card, and form of payments. Though I had never been asked these questions before I shared all my information. But was confused because my cashier Kathy didn't ask the 2 customers in front of me for their information. I started to feel extremely embarrassed as she proceeded to tell me that she needed managers approval. The manager Tammy came over and told me I couldn't purchase with any of the cards that I put on the counter (even though I know the pin). So I had $140.00 worth of groceries that I couldn't purchase because the card had my husbands name on it (which they said I need a power of attorney to purchase with his card, which, is not true because our accounts are linked) and the other card had my disabled neighbors name on it (I was trying to assist them by purchasing milk etc.). I then proceeded to use my card and the transaction wouldn't go through because I couldn't remember the PIN number. (I was so embarrassed because everyone was starring at me and feeling pressured I couldn't even focus.) I then purchased my food as credit but immediately decided, to return it all of the food because Kathy didn't ask the customers before or after me for their information. I was the only customer they treated this way. I went to customer service and returned my order and spoke to the manager Jess who I told what happened to me. Jess told me they had new rules from corporate and they had to enforce them. I understood that it was above her head, however, she told me that I wasn't profiled (now how would she know that if she wasn't standing in line with me?). I understand having new rules (and I don't mind abiding by those rules) and there is nothing wrong with that, however, when those rules only apply to a certain kind of customer there is something wrong with that picture. If the new rule is that only the Costco card member can purchase an order with a card with their name on it, then every customer in that line today should have been questioned and asked to see credentials (not just me)!

I do have witnesses if you would like their contact information.

Betina DeBerry

Mar 13, 2017

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