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[Resolved] Bethea Jenner


Phoney psychic

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Bethea Jenner
United Kingdom
Hi I'm new to this place. I received one of those mails from this character, which I find intrusive in the first place, so checked her out online. I notice she has a long history at Yahoo and has posted some stuff about herself there. She has written "Are all these Bethea Jenner testimonials and blogs real?" and then answered her own question including one answer by 'Sunshine' (what an inappropriate name to have picked) saying how touching the testimonials are. They seem to me to be touching for a different reason from the one she says. They are actually pathetic. They're just poor people being duped into thinking some woman in London who they've never met is going to make their lives better with some kind of magic. Make their life better by refunding their money. Your assistants don't answer the phone. I tried the number.

Resolution statement

Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.
Dear Friends

Many of you have posted your customer service queries on this board. We would like to thank you for this opportunity to respond and look into every complaint. Please note the quickest ways to get in touch with us:

Email Addresses: bejenner@betheajenner.com, forbethea@myhealthwealthandhappiness.com

Post Address: Bethea Jenner, PMB 292, 167 Cherry St, Milford, CT 06460-3400

Telephone No: (203) 672-0089

Please include all details of your purchase when you email or call. We try to resolve all customer service issues as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Bethea Customer Service
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N  19th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have gotten her astology for a while...several years...and as a way to pay for the astrology, I do buy some things from her...but if they are too cheaply made I send them back...and if you get a personal astrology from someone...they can charge you for it...I do not care if she gets it from the moon, and I don't buy just anything...only silver, some Budda statues...and I don't believe in her psysic powers...but only because I have never met her...in people who are psychic...you can feel it...I have asked her to stop offering things and just charge a per month fee...but she does mail through a post office box in Connecticut...Which is a place that many use for scamming...but you cannot be scammed if you are wise...and only take things with a grain of salt...weighing carfully...so be wise...and accept good and discard the bad...Ciao and brightest blessings...
D  2nd of Jul, 2009 by    +2 Votes
i think it's all a load of crap... does anyone out there know of a real psychic... someone who can give me a REAL reading... When i received the email from Bethea I knew right off the bat it was a fake... I have 2 email address with different acc info on it and suprisingly enough both of my profiles (according to her) were "headed into money... that although we had been struggling things were going to turn around, we should buy right now... don't miss the opportunity... find your inner power..."!!! Please... guess the old witch didn't realize that I had come into a large sum of money about a year ago... I know my inner strength, my life has never been better, I am well loved and respected by those I surround myself with... Just goes to show what a devil she is... to pray on those who are week and in need of some support. Right when you think you can't take it anymore... that life has thrown you nothing but curve balls, here comes this devil in sheeps clothing ready to take just one more jab at you... so, so, sad... One day the people behind this scam will have to answer to God. I put it in his hands and smile b/c I know she will be judged!
D  11th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I was satisfied with my dealings with Bethea, I ordered from her and itwas a very smooth transaction and I was so very pleased with the product I recieved. I would not hesitate to order from her in the future as I like her . When my parcel came in the mail it was wrapped and packaged so neatly. Thank-you Bethea. I do appreciate you!...Faith
D  25th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hello. I have registered today so I can share my 4+ years of experience with Bethea. First off, I don’t recall how I found her. ATP, it doesn’t matter. Her vast array of knowledge keeps me intrigued. Yes, I get so mad at all her mail I see waiting for me when I check my email simply because my brain cant absorb so much in one sitting; but then I just pick one at random, start reading and I swear every piece of mail she sends me, is always full of the most interesting information I could ever imagine or hope to find on my own!
Bethea must own one hell of a library. A seriously extensive library that she and her team has had to collect, study, sort, glean, categorize over the years. IOW’s, SHE did all the work. For me. For you. For us. So then begins my task of ‘which piece ’ to open.. eeny meeny mineey moe…
So how do I pick which email to open, when there are 5 to 15 pieces sittin there? I rely on my Higher Power to show me which mail to open; and I gotta admit here and now, it always hits home! In 4+ years I gotta admit, it hasn’t failed once! Whatever is going on in my life, that woman sends me the right message. Not only message, but tangible proof of history, the roots of how things came into being. Like I said, her library must be amazing. That in itself is a lot of work, but then she takes into consideration each one of our birthdays and places of birth, to make sure we get the right info, set of tools, or whatever to make our decisions at hand…. easier.

Don’t forget, but on every email, there is the small part at bottom (I think) that says, ‘if u don’t want me to send any more..click here’. Hey. I did it once. I clicked here, and the mail stopped. BAM! I didn’t receive another piece for months. It was ME, who had saved a few of her emails, that reopened communications.

I even sent her a letter before, not expecting to get answered or anything.. it was just a ‘thank you’ and a ‘how do you know all this horrible stuff was happening to me!!’ She answered me, months later. I truly didn’t expect it, cuz I figured shes got only so much energy to put out there on any given day. Shes human after all.

In closing, I decided not to view her extraordinary gifts as spam. All the talismans, I guess she’s sharing other peoples talents with us. They seem to be hanging on to her coat tails. I havnt bought a single thing, yet she tiressly sends me horoscopes that are always spot on.. made for me. Not generic. Because I decided years ago to try and survive, not die at the hands of my captor by sending her time and place of my birth. I was dying. She saw it, and use to send me notes that felt as if she were yelling at me or pleading for me to answer HER.. answer why was she seeing ’this, that and the other’ all around me every day. She doesn’t know it, but im alive because of her. While I was in my ‘fog’ as she use to call it, waiting to die.. I believe God sent her to me, knowing she was only one who would be able to get close to me at that time. I had been given a pc, and ‘granted time’ on internet back then.
N  25th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I received dozens of marketing emails from Bethea with promises of great wealth...if I only bought an item she was promoting. So, after reading many of the complaints online, I checked out her address, etc. The address she gives as 167 Cherry Street, PMB 292, Milford, CT is a Private Mail Box at a UPS store. I got the store's number and called today (Jan 25, 2014). The gentleman employee knows her as Michelle (something) and says she or her assistant come in once a week. The UPS store's phone number is 203-783-1876 -- and I suggest anyone with a complaint call that number to ask for her. Again and again. Let them know that they have a scam artist using their address to rip people off. Perhaps they will change their policy about her presence in their establishment.
N  22nd of Sep, 2015 by    +2 Votes
After losing my wife to a botched, simple surgery. I guess I was and still am reaching out answers, questions, etc...I can't remember the name she put to the first amulate, piece of string? and how to do some sort of ceremony guide. It finally arrived and I opened it and was hit hit with a feeling of how stupid can I be.. As I held it and examined it and begain to feel a dark place. Not of happiness but very dark images. Out to the trash it immediately went, not even having it for 15 minutes. Now I'm not a super believer of astrology so I did some research and found it to be used to navigate which I already knew but any other use ( reading from a Christians site and also non religious sites) that it is to be kept away from. Now I threw it out before researching.
Call it coincidence or whatever but since then. I've had several misfortunes. Some serious. One feeling still is depression. Stars, Angels, don't give dark feelings I would think but should be uplifting. Don't fall for thr merchandise or readings. When receiving my invoice that little amulate and piece of string (probably to hang yourself after invoice )cost over 200.00. Think I'll stick with prayer and guidance.
N  18th of Oct, 2016 by    +1 Votes
I wanted to make a suggestion to everyone . Never order with your actual credit card or bank debit card. Always buy a prepaid card and only load it and pay the full amount never agree to do any installments, because they're ripping people off and they're having difficulty getting a refund. I've never order anything from Bertha Jenner or Rochelle. I've been doing research online on both of them and other fraudulent psychics are all fake and scams.
N  18th of Oct, 2016 by    0 Votes
First, always to research before u buy anything online, by phone, or from any local stores. Always check this website including [redacted]. I always like to shop online from Amazon because it's legitimate . If you receive a email messages from someone you don't really know please send it to spam or just delete it. Please don't read or reply to the message. There's too many scams.

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