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Bestbuy / Laptop / whole experience of buying a laptop at bestbuy has left me depressed and exhausted

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The whole experience of buying a laptop at Bestbuy has left me depressed and exhausted. I went in to fix a laptop but was quoted $250 for it. I then bought a new compaq for only $365 on sale, but had to wait till the next day to take it home because geek squad had to remove the pre-installed software. I then returned the computer 7 days later because the touch pad was freezing up intermittently. I had to prove that it was freezing up first by sitting there surfing the net for hours until it froze. I had to come back in 5 days to pick up a replacement because none were in stock. My replacement turned out to be a dusty floor model from another city(the employee at the service counter tried to tell me it was new at first). I still took the unit because I really like the computer and it was a great deal(the manager sold it to me as a open model after I told her it was a used model, and she also threw in a two year Geek sqad protection for free but the price came out to be about the same). I was very happy with the computer for 8 days, then the touch pad froze. I had to surf the net at Bestbuy for an hour before it froze so I can then return it. I told one of the supervisors about my ordeal and he offered me $50 off on a Gateway for $699 or $649 after the discount. I was happy about my purchase for 6 days, then the CD drive started to make a loud noise. I tried to exchange it but was told that it's supposed to be like that by Geek squad. I was not happy at all for being taken as a fool so I asked for the service manager Bob. I showed Bob the video I took of the computer making the loud noise, but he simply said that it was not making any noise now and he can't take the exchange. I told him that this was my third laptop that didn't work and I was very unhappy. He said that he will do a stress test for me for free($75 usual charge)but it will take over night and if it comes back damaged like I've stated then he will allow me to exchange it(he did this because I was disturbing the flow of business now-to put it mildly). I came in the next day and had to wait two more hours because the test was not complete yet. I was then told that I was right and was permitted to exchange the laptop. My instinct told me to just take my money and run away and never look back, but the nice manager(Alex)who gave me the $50 off was called over by customer service to speak to me. After telling him what I had to go though just to get the exchange or return he told me he would give me $60 off on another brand of my choice if he can. He couldn't do it on a Toshiba I liked, or an HP that was out of stock(I told him he should pull it from the shelf), but he did offer me the $60 discount on a newer but slower HP model. I took the deal for $890 after tax and with a two year service plan(Geek squad takes better care of customers with a plan-I witnessed). I just hope this one won't have any defects.

Bestbuy can make my buying experience better by selling better products. Why are all the laptops damaged or defective? I came back within the 14 days period all three times, why was exchanging a product so hard and so humiliating? If not for some of the employees and Alex the supervisor, I would have left Bestbuy angry and without a computer. Re-train or get rid of the service supervisor Bob, who made me feel real small and insignificant. For the amount of time I've spent and the aggravation I went throughout in buying a laptop for way too much and not even the one I wanted, the cost for shopping at Bestbuy was simply way too high.

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  • No
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    Laptops have problems. I think people really take the price of laptops for granted nowadays. If you buy a $299-$349 dollar laptop that would have cost $2000 4 years ago. You are gonna get what you paid for. A computer should seen as an investment. It's like buying a SUV and expecting to get 40 miles per gallon. If it's not your first laptop, then try to shop for quality (reliability) over quantity (price)

  • Hu
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    They could of just returned it for you but if they didn't take the time to make sure it was actually defective you would of been charged a restocking fee. Think of how much time they gave to you instead of just making you pay the restocking fee and be done with you. They did you a favor.

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