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Best Buy / scam artists!

1 119th & Metcalf Store #277Overland Park, KS, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 913-663-1291

I purchased a Toshiba 62' dlp tv from Bestbuy 3 years ago. I was told at the time of purchase that I HAD to buy the service plan. I read it carefully in the store and had the Manager write on my receipt' if in the event of a replacement, the full credit of $3200 will be applied to a replacement unit' This was in the store managers pen on my receipt just to prevent what happened (call it foresight).

Well after 3 years and 4 service calls I decided it was time to replace the unit. I went to the store and was promptly told that TOSHIBA is JUNK. I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. I gave them my psp plan along with all of my paperwork and was told that they didn't have this technology anymore(720p) so I would have to pay an additional 500 to upgrade. After fighting with them for about an hour they said that they would split the difference with me and charged me 285.00 to go to a samsung 61' 1080p. I was upset but I took the new one home. It was defective so I returned it to the store. They tried to make me take a used one but I refused and so I was issued a gift card in the amount of 2997.00. It included the amount that they screwed me out of. In the meantime the old set was not picked up by best buy. 2 weeks later I decide to go to the store and purchase another TV.

The store manager, John Calagey decided that they gave me too much credit and voided the card. I called him and he told me that they didn't get my old tv so I was out of luck. If I didn't like it to sue him. I waited appx 3 more weeks and decided to pursue this because I had not only got screwed outa my psp but I had a broken set that was useless. I called John and was told to bring my old set up and exchange it for the samsung but he was gonna charge me another 285 dollars. I took the set up to the store and talked to some girl with jewelery throughout her mouth(very hard to understand) and very nasty... but i regress... I told her what I was there to do and she told me to unload the set. I did.

I went back into the store and she stated that John(the real manager) said to give me 1500 for the set. I told her no and that I would return the next day. She then started screaming to security to kick me out of the store for calling her a name. What a great way to get rid of a upset customer... Oh well nasty mouth won and I left the store. I think her name was laurie... but thats enough of that. I called the main office(at least I was told I was speaking to the HEAD guy... tom... and he stated that the store managers set their own rules as far as returns and exchanges. He stated that Customer Service had NO CONTROL over the stores and they do not dictate policy.

I went back to the store this evening and had a tape recorder on me(and a off duty cop) waiting beside me as a witness to what was going on(and that I didn't call anybody any names) haha. He tool me old set and still charged me $285 for the exchange even tho the price on the new set has dropped $230.00. Best buy got me... they really did. But I will let everybody that I know --- and can read = I will tell them about the great 285 dollar profit that best buy got from me. And the guy even had the stones to ask me if I wanted to buy another extended warranty for the new set. He also held out his hand to shake with me to show me that there were not any hard feelings... I actually laughed at that.. Another thing. Geek squad has made a habit of parking their vans in front of the store... Call your local fire marshall... thats a Fire zone... and that can be enforced... but as far as treating customers this way... well you be the judge!

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  • Jo
      23rd of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    You shouldnt of bought a toshiba in the first place... and if you read the policy, you would understand that if in the event you need to replace your tv and its no the same technology, and it costs more, you must pay the difference... so put on your glasses and read.

  • Bo
      7th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Best buy leadership

    Brad Anderson CEO/Vice Chairman/Director -

    Shari Ballard, Executive Vice President, Retail Channel,

    Kim Motz at 612.291.5332 Shari Ballard’s assistant???

    Bruce Chatterley, President and Chief Executive Officer,,

    Steve Delp, Chief Operating Officer, Magnolia Audio Video

    Brian Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer

    Julie Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Retail Training,

    Jena Lund, Julie Gilbert assistant at 612-291-4030

    David Hemler, Senior Vice President, Best Buy for Business

    Paula Prahl, Vice President, Public Affairs

    Lisa Smith- Best Buy Vice President Customer Care
    612-291-5421 Office

    Sean Skelley, Senior Vice President, Business Group Leader,

    PR number at (612) 292-NEWS

    Susan Busch, 612-291-6114 Director, Corporate PR

    Dawn Bryant, 612-291-6119 Manager, Corporate PR

    Mark Paragi
    Senior Executive Resolution Specialist
    Best Buy Corporate Campus
    (612) 292-0077 Direct
    (952) 430-7033 Fax

    Investor Contacts: Jennifer Driscoll, 612-291-6110 Vice President, Investor Relations

    Charles Marentette, 612-291-6184 Senior Director, Investor Relations

    Carla Haugen, 612-291-6146 Director, Investor Relations,,

  • Je
      20th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    You had a Toshiba 62' 720p last for 3 years, you're pretty lucky. As this television's technology became more and more dated, you were able to exchange it for a Samsung 61' 1080p, a VASTLY NICER television for a mere $285 more. Basically you used the Toshiba for the majority of it's expected life then [censor]ed and moaned at the prospect of getting an upgrade 3 years later for $285. This customer, "Smith, " is clearly a ### who thinks everything should be handed over to him free of charge. You were COMPLETELY out of line complaining about this transaction, you were getting one hell of an awesome deal, even at $500.

  • Na
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes


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