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I purchased a flat screen tv for my husband two Christmases ago. I paid $2, 000.00 for it and paid for "white glove" installation which I put on my Best Buy Card. The TV is a Sony which we love so I won't knock the product. The installer hung it crooked which my husband had to fix (they charged over $350.00 for their "white glove" installation). I made the payments as agreed until February when the economic downturn hit my family personally and I made one payment late. The next month I paid the card off because (get this) the late charge is more than the minimum payment. I paid the card off the following month. They reported the one late payment over two years on my credit report, AFTER I PAID THE CARD OFF, and screwed up my credit rating. Thanks for nothing you!! I have to give Kudos to Sears, the Children's Place and Capital One credit cards. I paid them all late in February as it was a bad month (as previously stated) financially for my family, but not one of them reported me as late. I will remember that in the future when I am making purchases from Sears, the Children's place and using my Capital One card. Best Buy I can only hope you go the way of Circuit City, which in my humble opinion, was a much better company than your trash company. Newport News, funny how nobody wears your garbage!

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      Apr 24, 2009

    This is the second time I have called Best Buy credit services and they ALWAYS LIE! They tell me what i want to hear, and then hang up without making a note on the computer or going through with what they said. Mark my words I will Never do business with Best Buy again, and will let EVERYONE know that they are SCAMMERS and that they will rip you off. I am going to take my tax refund and pay off my bill so i never have to see them again!!!

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      Jan 04, 2016

    Got a Best Buy credit card to pay off articles interest free. The problem comes with Best Buy Credit Services charging late charges fees at the rate of $35 dollars per month.

    I was almost done paying my balance but last November 2015 I learned the hard way they charged $35 dollars for late fees on payments done after the 5th of each month. I made payment on 11/10/2015, so OK I was late by accounting standards.

    To avoid this from happening again I made a payment on 11/21/2015, which is 14 days before the next cycle is closed on 12/05/2015. Still, they charge me late fees again for December 2015 for another $35. I made another payment on 12/10/2015, so I have done electronic payments about every 15 days straight from my bank account.

    I talk to two customer reps and they told me the due date is on every 5th or I get charged late fees. So, ok, I tell 2 of them to explain how is it they charged me late fees on 12/2015 if I made a payment on 11/21 and 12/10?

    They say their system is so dumb that unless you pay a couple of days before the 5th it either apply it to the previous month or future month cycle.

    All I know is that I was late when I paid on 11/10 because it was past 11/5, but these scam artists charged me late fees again on 12/5 although I made an electronic fund transfer on 11/21...14 days before 12/5 and again on 12/10 after the 12/5 cycle.

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