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I purchased a garmin gps today, december 20th but was not offered an extended warranty - today, december 20th - I called the store and only got useless menu options frustrating me and putting me off from ever returning to a best buy - why should i?

It was insulting when trying to telephone the store, getting only an unresponsive menu selection and a complete inability to speak to a human being. I called the ‘888' number to complain and try to find a human to reply to my complaints which took multiple menu options, hold options and call-back from a representative. It is dehumanizing to have my time trivialized and spent like it matters little.

The call-back option person was in the philippines; useless and uninformed. She told me to call the store if I had a problem - my problem was in calling the store, the menu options were useless. I asked to be transferred to the usa. She refused and said there is no option to transfer my call. I asked to be transferred to minnesota; she refused saying there are no options to transfer to minnesota and to call the store.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Milwaukee, WI It was a useless call, a waste of my time and failed of its essential purpose:

To talk with a human being about my dissatisfaction with a useless menu system;
I. To complain about how customers are treated including routing my complain to the philippines to someone uninformed and unintelligible;
Ii. To find out if I have an extended warranty option of what I just bought.

I wasted over an hour on this and your customer disservice and [best buy’s] astonishingly self-defeating system called customer service. I will shop elsewhere and only at best buy as a last resort. I was going to get a dvd player as a gift for someone which I will now buy [ & everything I need] elsewhere.

What a monumentally stupid system best buy has adopted. It is a target-rich consumer environment out here, lots of online sellers and competitors who value customers. I have enclosed a reprint attributable to sam walton - your customer service personnel [including those in the philippines] should read it and quite possibly adopt the philosophy.

I have sent this to your best buy, minnesota as a courtesy as well.

Jan 09, 2017

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