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I went to the Best Buy in Peterborough, Ontario to purchase yet another iPhone charger for my oldest son. The associate helping me was friendly and fast. Got what I was looking for. Went to the front cashier with only one person in front of me that she was currently assisting. Waited for awhile as she sold some sort of extended warranty and needed to get that person's information. At that point another associate came up to the other till to help the rest of us standing in line but couldn't assist me because I was paying cash (only debit or credit). The rest of the customers behind me were able to purchase their items and left the store. I'm still waiting for the same customer in front of me so the other associate tried to take me to customer service were there was the only other cash till. That cashier was busy with another customer so I went back to the original till I was at and continued to wait for the same customer that the cashier was still helping. A different associate approached me to try and help me but couldn't because I was paying cash. When it was finally my turn I was so angry for having to wait so long just because I was paying cash I took my frustrations out on the poor cashier that was just doing her job. I told her it was ridiculous the amount of time I spent waiting and wanted to speak to the manager. The manager came out and listened to me rant, telling me he understood my frustrations and continued to explain to me that there are only limited tills with cash in them after a certain time of night because of high risk of theft. He did nothing to make me feel like I was appreciated as a paying customer. In fact I felt bad about getting mad and started to feel like it was all my fault because I finally had enough of waiting long enough to purchase the iPhone charger that I came in for. Best Buy needs to re-evaluate their check out system. I felt like I was being penalized because I was paying cash.

Jan 14, 2017

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