Best Buy Credit Cards / read the fine print

atlanta, GA, United States

you go in and buy on promotion an item then you go buy another item 3 months after the first item, well you pay 50 -300 dollars over the minimum payment thinking your going to pay off the debt. Then you get a statement saying your promotion ran out and you own 175 dollars in interest. I call and say how can that be i am paying well over the minimum amount and the promotion was paid off months ago. Well now you must tell them every payment that you want the money to go to the promotional item. so read the fine print. it will say on your statement that you owe x amount or your promotion will run out, will again i paid more than enough to pay off the promotional item above and beyond the minimum payment and i still get screwed. i owed 219 dollars left on my balance and now i owe 409 dollars. well they will get there money but never again will i buy another item from any best buy. read the fine print because they are waiting to screw you over. even know you think you are doing the right thing.

I remember the last big store just like bust buy and i will be waiting to say bye bye to bust buy also..

Aug 01, 2014

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