Best Buygeek squad - customer service


My complaint:
I am amazed at the lack of accountability from floor geek to corporate "human" customer care representative.

The entire organization uses policy and automated services to deflect responsibility and ownership to its customers.

Do not buy best buy~ they do not care who you are, what your circumstances; there are nooo humans.

I did not talk to one person that had an ounce of control or accountability. No matter how many mistakes on their part, I was not worth a dime of the thousands of dollars I spend at their stores.

My story:
Long story short… I brought a laptop in for repair. It is my son’s in the air force. Came to pick it up, had them boot the machine up and it wouldn’t even post. I got a smart a$ answer. “i’m sure they did a hardware check.” ok??? Now what?

I asked to escalate. I got a 1-800 number. Then they asked the desk girl to call. I got the same voice recording. They “over-nighted” the laptop to geek city (Yes I said geek city) in louisville ky (Had to find that later too)

They never marked as a “re-do” so the work was never done. Another week later, no response. Found corporate office numbers. Talked to 3 folks there and still no one that cares. Here I am 24 hours until I go see my son that is serving all of us, can’t even bring him a laptop.

The excuse I hear over and over, sorry I have to follow the process, there is no one to talk to. Oh... And they are soooo sorry.

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