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I was speaking to a friend online who told me about a new laptop she bought at Best Buy on sale for $799 I went to look at it on line and there it was on sale at Best Buy for $749 This really aggravated me to see that a store would overcharge a customer and not say the lowest sale price which was current. This friend told me there were many college students buying the same laptop, and i felt bad. I sent my friend an email with a copy of the ad online to show Best Buy that it was their current advertised price. She did get a refund of $53.00. The $50.00 plus the tax. After I encouraged her to go back. I think it’s awful that many others were ripped off and didn’t even know it, and especially young people who are going off to college and have so many expenses.

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  • Wc
      Dec 10, 2008

    Online and the store have two different promotions going on every week. Just like one walmart may have the product for one price and different online or at another store. Best Buy employees are people just like me and you. THEY DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. Your friend did get there refund of the difference. Sometimes Online is cheeper and sometimes the store is. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!!!

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  • Da
      Oct 29, 2010

    I recently switched my cell service to Verizon from AT&T through Best Buy. While in the store, the sales people admired my AT&T Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and suggested I trade it in through their Trade-In program. During the process of switching plans, the salesman tested my old phone, transferred contacts and photo's, etc. Twice during this process, I received calls on the Sony phone.

    The next morning, I looked up the information as to how to receive a gift card from Best Buy by trading in the old phone. The online form asked for the make of the phone and model. Walkman was stamped on the side of the phone, though the manual had a number model on the cover; they were essentially the same phone. It asked if the phone was working; yes, as I had used it in the store the day before, did I have the power cords and finally, was there any water damage (no). The only flaw in the phone was the center navigation button was missing the tiny plastic cover; something the store even took note of but said made no difference as the button was functional.

    I printed out the quote for $22.00 for trading in the phone and shipped it out. A week later I received a reply telling me that they were giving me nothing for the phone and if I wanted it back, I had to pay THEM return postage and Shipping and handling charges that may exceed $48.00!!! They claim the phone was misrepresented by a wrong model number. As I said, Walkman was stamped directly on the phone and that it didn't work.

    I wrote back telling them YES it did work and who were they kidding. There reply was now that it WAS SEVERELY DAMAGED and I still wouldn't receive any credit for it and then rubbed my nose in the fact that they would charge me money to return it.

    DO NOT TRADE IN anything to these people. The whole program is a scam so they can resell or refurbish products at a 100% profit. They are liars and cheats!!! I have no problem with the stores; they are upfront and honest but you are sending your items to faceless con men and have no retribution. Let this posting be your warning and PLEASE, PASS IT ON.

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  • Su
      Apr 11, 2011

    I bought a computer at Best Buy and declined all additional stuff they were trying to sell (geek squad etc..). The computer was at $699 and that's what I paid with the Best Buy credit card.
    1 week later, I returned the computr. The CD ROM was not working. Whn I returned the computer, I realized that the sales rep at discounted the computer by $19.99 to add the geek squad for $19.99 so that the price was the same than what I expected but I had to pay for a monthly fee for the geek squad. The Mission Valley manager refused to reimburse me the $19.99 for the geek squd even though I returned the computer (I bought a Sony online instead) and even though I had not ordered that service in the first place.

    2 months later, I still have not been reimbursed the $19.99!!! After talking several times to supervisors on the phone, making a phone complaint. I was already told 3 times that the reimbursement has been issue yet the credit card has still a balance of $19.99 that I need to pay if I don't want to be charged interest! BEST BUY=WORST BUY. Will never buy there anymore.

    Ah, on the phone, I was told that the store manager should have never refused to rimburse the computer and not the Geek Squad S--- that I never used or ordered!

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