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Best Buy / bad company

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Why is there not a board that tell of all the great stuff these companies do... I am reading these stories and just have to laugh. I got charged all of this extra interest because I did not pay my bill on time dumba-- no interest for 90days or 12months or 24months if paid in full and min payments are made each month ranging from 1%to 3% of the balance. If payment is missed or later ALL INTEREST FORM DATE OF SALE IS CHARGED I think is cut a dry and is on your statement oh you don't read that stuff well tough you owe... I no the retailer is at fault for you not paying your bill on time... You buy from these companies because they have what you want they did not hold a gun to your head and make you buy. I got a deal I paid less than the next guy I got something for free. I am entitled to pay less than the company paid for that product just because...

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  • Be
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Best buy is the worst company in the world. I bought a Product Replacement Plan, when purchasing an iPod for quarter of the price of the intial iPod 69.99. Retail price of iPod was 189.99 CND. It was a 2 year warranty plan. My iPod broke 23 months after the purchase date. Screen froze I was so happy I bought the replacement plan. I went into Best Buy, spoke with a rep and she said that they don't carry a replacement plan for iPod but only a PSP, a product service plan. Even though the attached brochure to my reciept said other wise. I asked for a manager. We spoke however he belive and openly said I was trying to scam best buy for a new generation iPod, because I'm returning it on the last month of my warranty, I then asked to speak to the store manager, who wasn't in. I argueed with the a department manager you accused me of trying to scam Best Buy for 1hours, I had told passing by customer how I was being treated, and some actually left the store and other stood behind me, while other ignore it. Another manager from a different department had joined our conversation and ripped up the brochure in half I then got really angry and call the police. The store manager was called, and had come in. Witness has backed up my statement with the officer and I felt since I did pay for that brochure it was my property and it was defaced by Best Buy employees, the store manager/owner had arrived shortly and spoke to me in private, giving me a 300 gift card at best buy, and a free iPod if I dont charge best buy for any crimes. I told him I didn't want a gift card but 189.99cnd plus taxes plus 69.99 plus tax, and 400 dollars. He tried to negotiate against it but final agreed and walked me out of the store along with police and a few customers who had support me. As the police asked if I need a ride home, I said no and gave the money to homeless poeple 50 bucks a piece as i walked down the downtown streets of Toronto until i ran out of the money. Never shopped at best buy again and never will. This includes future shop aswell.

  • Jo
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Alright I'll play. This is b.s.

  • Je
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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