Best Buy / fraudulent business practices

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It all started the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday." I decided to order via and I purchased $307 worth of items using my best buy credit card…I was also taking advantage of the no interest on purchases of $249 or more. Dec 2nd I rec’d an email stating that there was a problem with my billing and if they didn’t hear from me they were going to cancel my order. So I called the number listed in the email and spoke with a CSR from… was told that they were going to send the order through again and that she wasn’t able to tell me exactly why it didn’t go the first time. I said that was fine, didn’t see a need to investigate further, all she said they needed was my authorization to process the order again.

Dec 3rd I rec’d another email stating that there was an issue on the billing and my items might be canceled. So, I went online to view my account and to my surprise my account was overdrawn ($196.27). I called and got the run around. After the 5th person I spoke with I was told to call HSBC. I called HSBC, after the 3rd person it was determined that charged my best buy card twice on Black Friday, 2 charges of $307 each, no duplications on the products just twice the charges. I was then told by HSBC that they couldn’t reverse the charge without approving this…which meant I had to call back and then have them call HSBC. Oh, and in the meantime I rec’d another email regarding billing errors in which 2 items on my order were canceled!!! Now where was I, yes, after 2 hours on the phone trying to get a credit of $307 back on my account I thought everything was fine so the call ended.

Dec 4th I look at my online account balance and notice that yes, a credit of $307 was issued back to my account but the items that were canceled on my order were still charged to my best buy card. So, I called since by now I knew the process was to call them first and have them call HSBC on the other line…anyways, after speaking with 3 people and a supervisor I was assigned a case# and was told someone would call me back. 2 days later no one ever called me back!!! I then proceeded to call and go through the process again only to be disconnected after an hour on hold and in which I was being transferred to the 3rd person who I was told would be able to help me. I didn't call back, instead I took my business elsewhere to purchase the products that were canceled and told everyone I know what happened!!!

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