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Best Buy / worst customer service from 1-888-bestbuy

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My experience with Best Buy's customer service number 1-888-BEST BUY was exceptionally and unbelievably poor. I spoke with three different people and was horribly disappointed. Here's my story:

I wanted to buy an IPOD Touch for my oldest son. He had been waiting for one for weeks before Christmas and now we were finally able to get him one. So yesterday, Friday, I checked the Best Buy five minutes from my home but they didn't have any in stock. After checking online and finding availability at a Best Buy 30 minutes away, I ordered online and chose in-store pickup. I was so happy thinking I'd have it in hand in less than an hour so I was willing to drive to a store 30 minutes away. The online order told me to wait for a confirmation email to take with me when I picked up the item. When I got the email, it said that the item was not available in that store. What?!? I ordered and paid online only because the item showed available in that store. The email said to call the customer service number 1-888-BESTBUY for help. I called the number and explained my situation. I told the customer service rep -- Tony -- that I had ordered and paid online believing that the item was available and ready for pickup at a Best Buy store 30 minutes away (within approximately 45 minutes according to the website). He was very friendly and said he'd see what he could do to get it to me asap. After he chatted with me while diddling on his computer, he said that he would change the order from in-store pickup to UPS One-Day Delivery, no charge, and that I would receive the IPOD Touch tomorrow (Saturday)!! He said to watch for an email to confirm this. Needless to say, I was already upset that I wasn't able to pick the item up at the store that was 30 minutes away. Now I was having to wait till the next day to get it. I was thinking at that point that I should've gone to Fry's but it seemed that I would be getting the IPOD Touch the next day.

The next day, Saturday (today), at around 2pm I still had not received the IPOD Touch and worried that if there was a problem there wouldn't be much time to resolve it. So I again called the customer service number 1-888-BESTBUY to follow up on the order and make sure that everything was ok. I was routed to customer service rep Debbie this time. She was not friendly from the very start and sounded tired and frustrated before I even explained what I was calling for. After I told her why I was calling, she pulled up my order and informed me that there was NO RECORD of my conversation story details with Tony on my order. The only thing she saw was that the order had been changed from in-store pickup to free one-day delivery. The clincher is that she told me it takes one day for an order's change to be processed. That means that the change from in-store pickup to one-day delivery wouldn't be processed till Monday so I would not be receiving my item till Tuesday "if there aren't any problems"! I was so upset I could hardly speak. When I had ordered and paid for the item online I fully expected to be picking it up within the hour. It got changed to the next day. Now I find it will be a minimum of FOUR DAYS LATER! I told Debbie how upset I was and that the situation was unacceptable. She said there was nothing she could do and that I "would just have to wait till Tuesday". I asked her why Tony would tell me that I would get the IPOD Touch the next day if it clearly wasn't going to be processed till Monday, she said she didn't know and that "I guess he lied". Whoa, what kind of training do Best Buy employees receive?!? I was absolutely flabbergasted at this point. I figured I had to talk to someone with more authority so I asked her for her supervisor.

After being on hold long enough for my condition to go from upset to fuming, I was connected to Katie. I had to repeat my whole story from the very beginning. I made sure that Katie knew how upset and dissatisfied I was. She told me that she didn't know why Tony promised delivery by Saturday. She defended all the things that went wrong, from Tony's lies to Debbie's rude attitude. Katie at one point did apologize and say she would do what she could. Do you think I really believed her, especially since she defended Tony's lies and Debbie's rude attitude? Then she said that all she could do is forward this "problem" to their "Research Team". The Research Team would then determine if I should get a digital coupon via email and how much it would be and that that's all she can possibly do. When I asked for HER supervisor she told me that she was it, the top of the line and that there was nowhere to forward me to. She said I was already going to receive my item and some sort of coupon and what more did I want? And then after I repeated that I was very upset and dissatisfied, she told me that there was nothing more she could do and if I kept on she would terminate the call. I was livid by now and explained that I knew this wasn't her fault but that the situation was being handled poorly and I was not a happy customer. I wanted her to do something concrete and substantial for me NOW because I had two teenagers who loved electronics and Best Buy was rapidly losing me as a customer forever. All she would repeatedly say was that she was going to have to terminate the call. I asked for a phone number to a formal complaint department and she said she was it -- customer service. What a laugh.

Today is Saturday, December 27, 2008. I guess I have to wait for the IPOD Touch to arrive next Tuesday. We'll see what happens. The one thing I know for sure is that I will not step foot in a Best Buy store again. My two teenagers will have to shop at Fry's or elsewhere.

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  • Li
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    I still have not received the IPOD Touch as of 2:21pm today, Tuesday 12/30/08. If you remember, Katie had said that it would be shipped by yesterday (Monday) and that I would receive it today. She is obviously as equally incompetant as the group of "customer service reps" that she supervises. I received an email this morning from Best Buy at 8:20am stating that the item has been shipped via UPS. As of moments ago, 2:27pm, I was unable to get any info on the progress of the shipment. UPS website said it ..."could not locate the shipment details...". Well, so much for getting my item by today. I'm not happy with Best Buy, I will not call them and waste my time and sanity trying to find out why my unhappy son is not holding his IPOD Touch right now. Best Buy continues to amaze me with their lack of concern for customer satisfaction and I'm looking forward to seeing them go out of business. We'll see if we get our item by tomorrow. Maybe if it doesn't, I can call and speak to Katie again and give her a little grief so that I can make sure her New Year's holiday is as unhappy as my son's will be.

  • Li
      31st of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    2nd Update:

    I still have NOT received the IPOD Touch as of 3:20pm today, Wednesday, 12/31/08. The UPS tracking information indicates that the billing info was received from Best Buy yesterday. I was supposed to RECEIVE the IPOD Touch yesterday and now I'm seeing, in writing, that it was SHIPPED yesterday?!? Truly, truly, Best Buy has me flabbergasted. My conclusion at this point is the Katie (supervisor of the customer service reps) did something to change the ship date of the IPOD Touch after we spoke so that it would not arrive on Tuesday. What else can I conclude? If you're reading this and trying to decide if you should buy something, anything, at Best Buy... I would advise you not to. I know that problems can happen with any company in the course of business. What's important is how the problem is handled so that the customer is taken care of in such a way that they will do business with that company again. Based on the treatment I've been receiving, I would say that Best Buy thinks it's doing so well financially that customer service isn't a priority at all. But it is.

  • Ba
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    We are in the process of getting the same crappy service. To give you a quick run down, we placed an order on line that Best Buy screwed up. Then they cancelled the order. We were using Gift Cards to pay for the appliances. Trust me, if it weren't for having these gift cards, we would have taken our business elsewhere long ago. This order started on December 31, 2008. Today is February 3, 2009 and NOTHING is resolved.

    It is absolutely unacceceptble and gutsy of Best Buy to have such lousy service considering the retail market today. The endless calls, emails and promises for the same "digital coupon" blah blah blah is beyond frustrating. We cannot even keep up with all of the people we have either repeated this problem to, emailed or disconnected us in the middle of conversations.

    I beginning to think that there is a major scam or cover up going on. I can tell you that after we receive our order, Best Buy will no longer have our business and I will tell everyone I know to beware of Best Buy's antics. I really believe that because we received a good deal by placing the order online and since they inadvertently cancelled the order, maybe they don't want to honor the original pricing???? Hard to tell what the motives are, but there is absolutely no excuse for such awful service.

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