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I went to the Best Buy in Niles Il. last night to return an unopened wirreless router with my receipt in hand. After speaking to a sales clerk and then the manager of the location I was informed that because I hadn’t returned it within 30 days of original purchase(it was 34 days)there was nothing they could do! I would’ve even been happy with store credit! I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again seeing that they have such a policy. They have no problem taking your money but they will not stand behind it for more than 30 days! If I ran my business like this in these economicaly tough times, I would be out of business!!!

I bought a 40 inch lcd 1080 tv only two years ago from best buy, and it already has problems. When I turn it on the center of the screen is very dark, and it has horizontal lines moving throughout the entire screen. after about ten to twenty minutes it clears up, but that is unacceptable. I have a projection screen that is eight years old, and has about three times as many hours on it has no problem. The reason I spent the extra money to buy a samsung was because it was supposed to be the best buy, top of the line technology out there and I am very dissapointed that I have a two year old tv that does not work correctly.

Approximately 60 days ago I purchased a Netgear DGN 2200 DSL Modem/Router at the recommendation of the Best buy sales person. I didn’t buy the most expensive nor the least expensive. I have a 7Meg DSL line from CenturyLink and I get 5.86 MBPS download and 0.03 upload… I contacted CenturyLink and they say it’s good to the modem and that I should contact Netgear… I spoke to Netgear three times and can’t get the speed increased and they (Netgear support) told me to take it back and get another Router/Modem…I contacted Best buy in Broomfield, Colorado and the customer service rep offered to “recycle” the Netgear DGN 2200 for me (no refund or credit) and sell me a new “ActionTec DSL Router/Modem…Thant scustomer service at it’s best and will certainly make me want to go back again…

Best buy talked me into getting geek squad ins besided the one i had with virginmobile cause it benefit cause it covers any damage. Also talk me into getting screen shield cause with my insurance if i ever had to use warranty or upgrade the phone they will replace the shield at no cost. So when that day cane they told me i had to buy a new shield and they did run me good game to buy it the first time.then when i contact corp they say there sorry noffer a 20dollar gift card to replace the shield but leaving me still pay for installation.great way of still getting a great customer.look into my rewards zone account and see how i shop there.

I hope someone from best buy can find the time to return my email, because I would like to know how to fix this tv without spending a ton of money, because I already spent a lot to buy this one.

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  • Bi
      2nd of May, 2012

    "But, but... I know I didn't buy this router here, and I do have a receipt for gas that I used driving here, and I know that it clearly states 30 days and it's been 94, but they are at fault, and they are the ones who are ripping me off!"

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  • Ds
      3rd of May, 2012

    Sintination: Regarding the wireless router. As already stated 30 days is 30 days, you waited until it was past that.
    No, you would be out of business if you ran the business the way you want Best Buy to run their business. Giving refunds for stuff that is past their return policy would make them lose money. I mean, why stop at just 34 days. How about the TV I bought a decade ago. It is now bad. So, can I go to where I got the TV and get a free replacement? That makes no sense.

    Regarding the TV. After the certain time, at the most the 30 days, you need to contact the TV manufacturer and tell them your problem. You will have to pay for any repairs and services done as it is out of warranty.

    DSL Modem/Router: You do know that when they say up to 7Mbps? They key word in the sentence is up. I doesn't mean that you will get it. The connection speed is affected by distance from ISP operation center.

    Geek Squad: All extended warranties are scams and are only pushed by stores and companies for extra profit as the vast majority of the time, warranties are not used.

    This is not Best Buy's website so the odds that they will see this is next to nothing and since all of your complaints are proven to be wrong.

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  • Th
      3rd of May, 2012

    How is the tv not working after two years Best Buys fault? I am not a fan of Best Buy and only go there if I get gift cards to use but 30 days is 30 days you should have returned it sooner.

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  • Th
      3rd of May, 2012

    30 days is pretty much industry standard. It shouldn't take you longer than that to decide whether or not to keep something. Their return policy is on the back of your receipt. It's not their fault you make assumptions and can't read.

    Take the complaint about your TV up with Samsung. Best Buy doesn't make TV's.

    To expect a refund from a used product after 60 days is completely unreasonable. No store would refund you in that time after you used the item. Get a freaking clue.

    You should stay out of Best Buy and every other store. You're more trouble than your worth.

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  • Th
      5th of May, 2012

    " Best Buy talked me into getting the insurance in addition to the one I had with Virgin mobile." Really? Best Buy relies on gullible consumers like you. You carry 2 types of insurance on your phone?? brilliant. You took word of mouth from a "sales" associate; mind you, one that gets evaluated on the rate of service contract sales. Hook, line, sinker.
    Your Samsung TV issues have nothing to do with Best Buy. Contact Samsung. You could have purchased the same model anywhere.
    As for your unopened wireless router, MOST retailers WOULD give you store credit if it WAS unopened. Good management dictates they could resell it PLUS make a happy customer. BBY routinely act as ### in this regard. That's why YOU ought to take your business to warehouse clubs and/or Amazon. Much friendlier and accommodating returns decisions. Plus, most wireless carriers are there (at warehouse clubs) as well.

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