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I have ordered a TV from Best Buy website and when it arrived it was defective, it was not working correctly and sometimes it even turned off by itself. When I contacted customer care they told me to send it back. After they received the broken TV they offered me another one which was much cheaper. I told them that I want to pick another one by myself, but they wouldn't let me pick one out. I was arguing with them for days until they finally agreed. I did received another TV and it was ok, but their customer care stuff just stressed me out! Never again!

Apr 04, 2016
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      Jun 03, 2016

    First, if it crashed within their return policy, you had a right to exchange. If the unit was never properly repaired and you have documentation, file a claim in small claims court. You'll win if you can prove it was never properly repaired. Also send a letter with the facts to your local or state Division of Consumer Affairs.

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Best Buy - Horrible Support
    Best Buy
    New York
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    I purchased a new laptop from best buy in march of 2009. When I got home i turned on the computer and it was broken. It crashed twice.
    I took it back to the store and they said that it was still under warrenty and they would try to fix it.
    For the next 6 months I would pick my laptop up after it was "Fixed" get in the car, turn it on and LOOK ITS STILL BROKEN!
    Finally I told them i just wanted to switch it out for a new one. They said that they wouldnt do that because they resolved the problem every time. (WHAT?!? No you didn't!) It still wont turn on.
    Finally then the warrenty expired they called me (again) claiming it was fixed (Again)
    so I go it...and pick it up and it still broken.
    I said well no fix it and they said the warrenty is out you will have to pay us now.

    how is that fair. I bought a laptop and havent even been able to use it for 6 months because you had it!

    SO my laptop sits in its box. Its a lovely paperweight.

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