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I went to Best Buy to get some RAM. Salesman sold me some. Got home it was wrong item. Tried to return and one item was in wrong package so customer service would not credit my card. Got customer service rep. to say lots of times wrong items in package, still no refund. Thi is good service, I don't think so.

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  • Al
      Oct 23, 2008

    I purchased a Gateway Laptop from your store in Houston, TX.
    The very next day I returned the product to your store. I had no problem with the 15% restocking fees. What I do have a problem with is the way you deceive your customers with your return policies. To cheat the customer out of their hard earned money.
    I told the sales rep which computer I wished to purchased. He found one, took it over to the Geek Sqd counter. I was asked if I wanted to puchase an anti virus disk. I said no and purchased the computer. The very next day I returned the computer. Not only did you want me to pay the 15 % restocking fee. You would not refund my money for a Recovery and Opt. disk. Which I had not asked for but was put into the Gateway box that the computer came in. Come to find out, when the product is first received at the store. The boxes are opened and the two disk are put in. I was never told I could purchase the computer without the two disk. So now not only will the store not refund my money for the disk. But they plan to resale the same disk. What kind of scam are you running. I will tell everyone I can contact and convince to NEVER purchase from Best Buy again. What happed to customer satisfaction. Never have I been cheated by other retailers in a way in which you have done. I also plan to contact the Better Business B. And make as public as I can how your stores opperate and treat customers.

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  • Je
      Oct 23, 2008

    I like shopping at K-mart, its affordable and friendly

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  • Ra
      Oct 29, 2008

    Haha, this complaint is ridiculous. Any legitimate retailer like Best Buy now opens the boxes and puts the recovery disks into the boxes, so long as the company, in this case Gateway, makes recovery disks for the computers.

    You can't purchase a brand new 2008 product season gateway laptop without getting the disks. That's like going to your local Mercedes dealership, asking for a new 2008 model, but then asking to pay less if you buy the entire car minus the transmission.


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  • Cg
      Dec 30, 2008

    On December 19 2008 I went online to purchase a 42" Sony Bravia 1080 LCD flat screen tv. The item was In Stock and Available online but not in stores. So I purchased the item using Best Buy Gift Cards. My purchase price was 1100.00. With the order confirmation I was asked when I would like delvery on my TV. The dates were Dec. 24 through Jan. 4, 2009. I chose Dec 26 because I didn't want the TV for Christmas but wanted it to be installed and in use by New Years Day. On Christmas Eve I received a phone call that said my dleivery date was to be pushed back to Dec. 31. I called the warehouse delivery service and they told me to contact Best Buy online. I called the service number of 888-BESTBUY. And of course was put on hold for 40 minutes. When I did get in touch with a rep, and told him the Dec 31 delivery date was unacceptable, he told me someone would get in touch with me by phone on Dec. 26. I waited around all day for delivery of my TV or a phone call. At 8:30pm when I figured I was wasting time, I called the number again. Once again I was on hold waiting for a customer rep. I got through to a young woman named Kelsy, who was very rude. After telling her my situation and complaining that I expected delivery on the 26th now I had t wait until the 31st, she said "Why don't you just buy the tv from someone else!" I was astounded. I asked her if she meant that, even tough she was employed by Best Buy she was suggesting that I spend my money at another store. Her reply, "I just frigging work here!" Shocker! I told her that her manager may want to know her "loyalty" to the company and asked to speak to the manager. She put me on hold again and I remained there for 15 minutes until I hung and redialed. I asked for a manager. I got a supervisor for customer relations. I told him my story and he asked if I was sure this was what was said. I laughed and said it's hard to make up, I just frigging work here. I told him that while I was on hold I heard the recorded message say "calls may be monitored for quality and training purposes." I said I hoped that the phone call to Kelsy was indeed recorded.He put me in touch with the warehouse and while he was on the line the warehouse manager tried to contact the manager of the Pittsburgh warehouse to find out about deliver of my TV. They had closed for the evening, but he gave me phone number to call the next day. I told him I would call the number and also told him that this was unacceptable service from Best Buy, I wanted my TV by Monday Dec 29th. I called the number on Saturday and there was no answer. On Monday I tried once again to call the 888BestBuy number and once again was on hold. This was during my lunch hour at work. When I got to a customer service rep, Jan, she was very nice and considerate. She read all the case numbers and was very shocked about the response Kelsy gave me as well. I told her I thought I should be compensated for the aggravation and nuisance I had been having with this delivery nightmare. I told her I should get a warranty agreement on the TV for free. She said she agreed that I should be compensated with something, but unfortunately she did not have the authority to dispense that kind of compensation. She forwarded my call to Customer Fulfillment who could not assist me either and they sent me to Consumer Relations. The manager there told me the best they could do was to give me 70.00 gift card to Best Buy to cover shipping expense on the TV. I said No because I don't intend to purchase anything from Best Buy ever again.
    Today while I was at work I received another phone call that said my delivery date was now pushed back from Dec 31st. I called 888BESTBUY once again and demanded to speak to a manager immediately. I got a customer representative who would not put me through to a manager until I told her my story. Finally the floor supervisor, Cory, spoke with me told me he could not do anything about the delivery nightmare. He too, was rude. When I told him that if Best Buy depended on the service side of their business for their bread and butter, they would be bankrupt, he said thank you for calling Best Buy and hung up on me. So now, Best Buy has my money and my TV. I am told the next delivery date for the TV is January 15th nearly 1 month after purchase. You might say, why don't you just cancel the order and buy it somewhere else. Because I purchased the TV with Best Buy gift cards, they refuse to refund cash. They will only refund a gift card. So I would have $1100.00 worth of gift cards from Best Buy that I would NOT use. So I am very frustrated. I am writing to everyone who will listen. I am telling everyone who will listen and trying to find more places to complain about this company regarding their service and dishonesty regarding IN STOCK/AVAILABLE items and guaranteed delivery dates. We'll see the outcome.

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  • My
      Jan 06, 2009

    Received a Camcorder for Christmas, actually received 12/29. Was purchased as a Christmas gift on 10/22/08. Purchase online and at no time was purchaser made aware of the fact that any gift needed to be purchase from 11/01/08 through 12/24/08 for extended Holiday return policy to be in effect. Had that fact been known it is quite obvious that the sale purhcase would not have been made until that date. Went to local store to view alternate selections to exchange for a selection with an internal hard drive and better quality still image capture. Was told at store I should just purchase the one I wanted and would have to make return directly to BestBuy.Com as it was beyond the 14 day return time. Thankfully I did not make that purchase as several emails and phone calls later I still told it was not returnable. A final call to Corporate HQ resulted in my being told to speak only to the MGR of the local store as the MGRS have the express right to make exceptions to the return policy. I called the local store today, the MGR would not take the call but the Operations Mgr. did attempt to help. Upon her discussion with the MGR he stated that because it was not in the time frame, and the item would no longer be sold by the store when their supply was depleted he would not make the exception. Mind you, the item was NOT being returned for a refund, etc. Simply to pay the additional monies for a more complex model. Funny as it seems, if this item were purchase 8 days later, regardless of any 'deleted' status, the item would be returned and a new one in hand by this time.

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  • Jo
      Oct 29, 2009

    Best Buy thank you for reminding me to never believe the hype. My parents decided to buy me a laptop in August. (First year of college) When I was searching for the perfect laptop I was told time after time that best buy was the best, that they have amazing customer service and that they have the best computers. Of course I went there and looked at their computers and couldn't help but agree. So I decided to take my business there. (Mistake #1). In case anyone was wondering yes best buy has amazing customer service if your computer works. If you have to upload a program or get rid of a virus or want to find fun new attachments these are the people for you! If you want competent individuals who are organized and keep you informed than maybe try Fry's, Wallymart, or Radioshack. My computer worked splendidly until October 12th when it wouldn't charge. Having the utmost confidence in best buy I took it to them thinking that they would get it fixed quickly and efficiently. (Mistake #2) I went to best buy and talked to Steve a geeksquad employee, we'll call him inept Steve. Inept Steve who was extremely kind but seemed to know nothing about computers told me that he suspects that I have a bad AC/DC Jack on my computer. I being completely computer illiterate smiled and shook my head and asked how long he suspects it should be. Inept Steve made it seem like it would be a week or so, that it was a minor problem that could be easily repaired. He then asked if I could give him permission to send it out to the major store and that I will be informed throughout this process. I still having faith in best buy but wondering why they couldn't do it in store said yes. (Mistake #3) Seven days go by and still no information. Day nine while I was getting somewhat used to my computer withdrawals I get a call. I don't recall her name but we'll call her dim-witted Debby. Dim-witted Debby proceeds to tell me that it must have been my ac adapter that was broken because it worked fine in the bigger store. That I should come to the store and pick up my laptop and get a new ac adapter. A little pissed off/ yet extremely excited that I can get my computer back I go to best buy. A geeksquad employee proceeds to tell me my computer works and goes to get it. He comes back to the counter and to prove to me it works gets out a store AC adapter. Plugs it in, no charge. Smiles. Makes an awkward joke. Takes it out. Puts it back in. Tells me that this must be an old AC adapter and goes to get another one. Plugs it in, no charge. Smile. Makes an awkward joke. Takes it out. Repeats twice. "Sooo geeksquad employee my computer needs a new ac adapter ehh?" Pulling a line out of the Best Buy ### handbook he says, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience, we'll send it back to the big store so that they can recheck it. Rest assured since this will be your second time having to send your computer in for the same problem you will be put on top priority." Instead of saying "No geeksquad employee, I believe that you're full of crap. I would like my computer so I can get it fixed somewhere else. I've wasted too much time with your crappy company already" and storm out in some sort of blaze of glory. I stood and scowled and remembered I don't have any money to get it fixed and since this is free service I might as well, because hey this time I’ll be "top priority". (Mistake #4. Side note: Remember you get what you pay for. Them fixing this was free so they are doing a crappy job. Life sucks I know.) This all brings me to today. October 29. Being fed up with library computers with strange fluids on the keyboard I decided to call Best Buy. A best buy employee "Brainless Ben" answered the phone. Told me that the big store has stood by their answer that it is the AC adapter, that it worked just fine for them. But wait I thought that your instore "new" ac adapter didn't work. What ac adapter are they using and if so can I have one? Brainless Ben tells me that my computer will be shipped tomorrow and that the store should receive in 3-5 days. Being even more pissed off I decide to do something, to get my message complain. So I decided to call customer service. To file a complaint. Following ten minutes listening to an excruciatingly uncatchy song I get to speak to a customer service representative. I tell her my whole story with such a conviction, such a passion, that even her cold heart must have melted...not. She tells me that when I went in October 12th that I should have brought in my AC adapter. That, it was a vital piece of the puzzle. (Note: I am in love with my laptop. It is such a vital piece of my day, especially as a student. By day 4 I probably would have given my first born child to get my laptop back, and she doesn't think that I would take the time to give them such a "vital" piece of the puzzle? No time from the 12th until now did anyone tell me that I needed to bring my ac adapter? I brought in my ac adapter October 12th but Inept Steve didn't tell me to give it to him. It was in the same bag that he took the laptop out of, he could have easily taken that too) I explain to her about the ac adapter situation. She being another mindless drone of best buy tells me that "she is sorry for my inconvenience" and she will file the report.

    Best Buy I loved you. You and I had the best relationship for a couple of months. But you see things just aren't working out. It's not you it's me, well actually it is you. But I feel like i've outgrown you. I feel like we need some time apart. I think that I should see other computer repair places. They just have the time for me that you don't. I'm sorry that this is so sudden, and of course i'm sorry for your inconvenience.


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  • Db
      Oct 29, 2009

    Some of their techs are not A+ certified. I have heard them tell some of my clients that the slow down on their computer was spyware and viruses. The irony was that one of the memory stick burnt out and it was half the capacity than what it had.. So I replaced and it was back to normal... I would think their diagnostic CD should determine that (or at least recognize that 512MB RAM is a bit low for a Win XP nowadays)..

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  • Ma
      Jun 23, 2010

    I worked at Best Buy for almost 4 years, 3 of them at customer service. First I want to say DO NOT BUY THE " EXTENDED WARRANTY" on anything. The company makes an 80% profit margin on the warranties, that is their big money maker. By the time you buy all the accessories, warranties, set-ups, delivery ect. the price has doubled.If the product fails to work after the manufactures warranty is up "1 year in most cases" it is cheaper to replace that item or have it fixed by a local service center. Electronics are not made to last anymore i.e phones, laptops, tvs, game systems, and after a year or two you want to upgrade anyway. The Best Buy warranty also runs concurrent to the manufactues warranty, so if you bought a 2 yr warrenty from BB, you are really paying for 1 year because they go by the manufactures first.
    Also, the bring you in the store by cheap tvs, laptops, ect. but the accessories that are essential to work the device are marked up 300%. They make the employees push hard for accesories and warranties and you are graded by this weekly. If you don't reach your goal, the asst. manager "counsels" you ( threatens) or you will be fired. Most of the employees are young kids some in high school who have no training on the items they are selling. They learn by OJT, and if they don't know the answer the lie because you can never get a manager to help you out on a customer question or complaint that you have no authority to resolve, but are expected to anyway supposedly by SOP. Then if the customer gets irate, a daily occurance, the manger promises them something to appease them like 10% of the item or something free( only a manager can do this) and this makes you look like a fool because you were going by the rules of the company, but if you didn't you would be fired! Catch 22!!! Also, I had a medical problem that i had to sit and not stand for my shift. I brought a doctors note explaining the problem to my manager. I was told I could only sit when there were no customers or be out of sight of customers because it looked "unprofessional" My job was to check customers out and work at customer service handling complaints, credit issues ect. !!! My job was alway to be in view of a customer!!!. Also, at various times female employees that were pregnant were given permission to sit or do a job away from customers so they could sit. This went round and round until I called HR and posted a complaint against this manager. Mind you none of the other managers or employes had ANY problem with sitting because I asked them. After that complaint, my job performance came under extensive scrutiny and I was fired about 4 months later for not biding by SOP policy in returning an item for an employee. I thought about getting a lawyer or calling the BBB but I absoluted hated that job.If I won the case, I would have to go back to Best Buy and get my job back and I never wanted to work there or with that manager again. I hope this helps sombody, so ask LOTS of questions before you buy anything from Besy Buy and get every thing in writing and READ IT!!! Also get a managers name so if you have a problem you can call them and they have to make it right because their job is on they line if the have enough complaints against them so they will go out of their way to rectify the situation.

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  • Ki
      Jun 23, 2010

    Ooh you're about to be sued by Best Buy. Good luck with that!

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  • En
      Apr 18, 2011

    CONSUMER ALERT!... ATTENTION ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMER'S!..NEVER SHOP AT BEST BUY! I went to Best Buy in Jordan Landing to purchase two big screen TV's, a muli speaker stereo system an other electronic items for my Yogurt Shop. I paid Best Buy the $99.00 fee for Geek Squad to come out to my shop and give me the estimate for all the wiring and all the electronic devices that I was interested in having installed. Little did I know, that when the time came to have it all installed, they would not answer my phone calls or emails. They had told me to give them a call before my drywall was installed, so that it would be easier for them to run the lines. Call after call...NO return message. Email after email...No return message. After waiting along two in a half months. I had to go through another company to get the job done. To This day, Best Buy refuses to refund my $99.00 fee that was suppose to go toward my install and purchase. I have made a trip to their store a number of times, and get the same young unprofessional management team, who yells at me and refuses to refund my money. Very hard nosed and unexperianced associates to say the least! I think it's just a matter of time that these jerks will be out of a job when the business goes under due to all the customer complaints. So stay away from BEST BUY at all costs. Unless you want to feel taken advantage of.

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  • Zh
      Apr 22, 2011

    I needed a Mac cable so I walked into the Minnetonka, MN location of Best Buy with my laptop under my arm.

    I asked the man at the entrance for a piece of marker tape (they use the tape so as not to confuse customer property with the store's inventor). He glanced at the laptop (2008 MacBook Pro) and said "You don't need a marker for that. We don't sell relics here", turned his back then laughed LOUDLY with two other employees.

    How do you they find these guys? Is there a stipulation that you must be void of courtesy to work at Best Buy?

    I try not to shop at Best Buy because the customer service is so poor, but I was in a rush for a VGA adapter and they were on the way. The adapter worked well as I gave a presentation (on my relic) to a University of Minnesota class filled with engineers and technical communication students. They are also consumers.

    I opened the presentation with "I just bought this adapter from Best Buy. Here's what happened when I walked in to their store..."

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  • Oh
      Apr 22, 2011

    Normally I would never refer to anything from 2008 as a relic, but in Apple's case, I will make an exception. Considering the greed shown by Apple and how often they come out with "new-gen" technology, anything older than 2010 is considered a relic by their terms. You can thank Steve Jobs for the Best Buy employees' behavior, considering Jobs referred to the iPad 1 as a relic during his iPad 2 press conference, which, at that point, the iPad 1 had not even been out for a year. This is exactly why I don't own Apple products. That an they are three to five times more expensive than the PC counterparts.

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  • Mo
      Apr 29, 2011

    Wow very helpful. ###.

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  •   Jun 04, 2011

    I will never go there again. Last time I was at Best Buy, an incompetent employee tried telling me that terabyte hard drives "don't exist" lol. Aside from that, I consistently read about their ### customer service and "warranties" (or lack thereof). I just wish Circuit City was still open around here.

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  • C1
      May 30, 2015

    Rachana from the customer service department @ [protected] told me that I missed my delivery. I explained that I had a call the night before and told me 10 to 12 am delivery window as well as an email stating the same. She called me at 930 am and said I missed it. When I complained that this was incorrect she became irate and started yelling at me telling me that I was lying and that there was no way I was contacted because my number was not correct on my account. I asked her how she was able to call me at this time if my number was incorrect? Also, I got a call from the delivery guy after asking me to fill out a positive survey. So, I listened to her yelling at me for 15 minutes until she said, oh wait.. I see you have multiple items on the truck and she had made an error. The truck had to be turned around. The delivery persons hit my wall with the fridge and left me to have it repaired. Also, marks along the bottom of my wall. Dirty hand prints up and down the stairs. This will require re-painting and repair. Thanks Best Buy... Never again.

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  • Bo
      Jul 27, 2015

    I am complaining about the service I was subjected to by a salesperson at Best Buy. This salesperson displayed a total lack of interest in helping my wife and I, answering every question I had with a one word answer and failing to tell me virtually anything about the product (a sound bar for my T.V.), I was trying to purchase. It took the stores General Manager to even tell me this sound bar came with 2 other speakers. He did this after telling me he was insulted that I complained about his "best" salesperson. After telling me I always completed the surveys offered by best Buy, he told me a poor survey would reflect on him unfairly and only then began treating me with the respect every customer deserves. Having done business with Best Buy many times, I know you are always offered a chance to offer criticism via the sales receipt survey after the sale. The General Manager handed me the sales receipt after folding in up several times and when I got home, I discovered there was no web address to do a survey at. First time that has happened to me at Best Buy. I may have been treated worse by a saleswoman but I don't remember when. She treated us so bad my wife had to leave. Thanks for providing me the outlet to voice my frustration, since Best Buy didn't. My customer pin number on the receipt is [protected]. My name is Robert Carr, e-mail address '[protected]' and our home phone is [protected]. The purchase took place 7/21/2015 at 11:36 am

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  • Wa
      Jun 28, 2017

    After spending over $5K on new appliances. It took three delivery attempts to four appliances to be delivered

    After the first delivery, a Saturday, I was told a system glitch caused the error and that the remainder of by delivery would be made on Tuesday. When I went on-line, to view my order. The other 3 items were shown as back ordered. A different status from what was posted in my order four hours earlier.

    I called on Monday to confirm that the remainder of my order would be delivered on Tuesday, even though the website showed my items were "back ordered". After speaking to a representative, they told me it was not back ordered and the remainder would be delivered the next day, on Tuesday. I additionally called the local store and they opened up an “escalation”. I received a call back from my escalation manager, who informed me that he would work to ensure my remaining item would be delivered and would be calling me back to confirm the delivery and discuss compensation

    On Tuesday, the day my remaining three items were to be delivered. The delivery came and two items were delivered, and one remaining item, was once again missing. I promptly called my escalation “manager” and informed him of what occurred. He told me he would call me back

    The next day, Wednesday, I did receive call back with another delivery date. The “manager” informed me he would call me to confirm the time on Thursday for the remaining item that would be delivered on Friday

    Thursday comes and I did not recieve a call back form my escalation “manager”. I did, however, receive a call back form someone else confirming the delivery on Friday and that my “manager” would be calling me to confirm delivery and discuss compensation.

    On Friday, my final item was delivered. The following Monday is when I received a call from this so called “manager” confirming if all my items had been delivered. I did confirm that and he proceeded to offer me a $100 gift card. I informed him that this was unacceptable for the inconvenience missing work for 2 days and having to reschedule a plumber twice due to their errors (BTW-it’s $150 for canceling a plumbing appointment).

    This “manager” then proceed to tell me that he can only offer $50 per missed delivery. I asked to speak to his manager and he tells me he is the manager. Being a director of Customer Service, I know these tactic’s all too well. Including him proceeding to pass me onto his peer who also stated he was the manager.

    In the end I was referred to corporate, which as I am in customer service, may or may not result in anything. That is a longer process to get through. But I will continue to pursue fair and equitable compensation, as I will also take to social media as an avenue to make more consumers aware of the pathetic excuse for customer service that Best buy is passing off.

    PS. I also find it interesting that I was surveyed for my fist tow interactions with Best buy, but never received another survey once I had an escalation “manager’ assigned. Nice trick, Best buy, I know how you must keep your customer service scores high for your shareholders

    FYI…..If you speak to a Home Depot Manager They may honor the Best Buy price, and given my previous experience with Home depot, probably get them to you with no additional issues.

    Update: At this point I have received no resolution an have canceled my $5K order and have requested that them some and pick up the item they feel (obviously this is arbitrary) have delivered and bring them back to my warehouse,

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