Bernhardt / Worst customer service on the planet (without exaggeration)

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We ordered a small table that arrived damaged. It took over two months (and incessant follow up on our behalf) to get the replacement. Because they won't ship direct to a residence, we had to use a receiver warehouse. The damaged table sat in the warehouse (where we were being charged) for over a month until they finally (again, after incessant followups on our behalf) sent a truck to pick it up. HOWEVER, instead of picking up the small Bernhardt item, they picked up a large 200 lb box from a completely different company - which happens to be a very expensive custom cabinet. This cabinet is now sitting "somewhere" on a truck and they refuse to locate it, saying we just "have to wait until the truck is unloaded to locate it." TWO WEEKS LATER and it's still sitting on the truck while the "customer service" reps and even the sales rep claim there's nothing they can do. Not a single apology or sign of sympathy toward our situation. I'm not exactly sure what these people get paid to do, but clearly it's not their job. The furniture they sell may be pretty on the outside, but it's a lemon - because underneath is hands down the worst excuse for customer service I've ever experienced (at any level). Save your money and sanity and purchase from any of their competitors.

Jun 20, 2016

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