Bernhardt / Bernhardt leather recliner sofas

Purchased two Bernhardt sofas in 2011 from Stacy's furniture in Grapevine. Both sofas have recliners on each end. One end broke on each sofa after only 1 year. The first repair was free. The next one I had to pay for. The repair man said most sofas are built cheaply now with either plastic or staples not screws and bolts. Both times he had to use bolts to reattach the points where the staples pulled out. Now, the middle seat section of one of the sofas fell in when a normal sized adult sat in it. We turned it over to find that the staples had pulled out again and the wood split. I write this to tell you NOT to buy Bernhardt sofas and now I am afraid to buy any sofa because I am sure everyone is farming out to China where things are built cheaply and there is no accountability.


Dec 03, 2016

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