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I had posted a complaint toward Bell earlier this evening but felt the need to update the status of my outrage. I`ve been with Bell for 4yrs and growing up we had Bell landlines. Up until today I`ve had adequate dealings with them. I pay $90 a month for an HTC Touch Pro so for that price I expect excellent service. The average cost of cell phones in other nations puts us to shame. Bell & other large phone providers bully customers and keep costs high on things such as text messaging or MB bandwidth. Charging outrageous prices for flying data. Point is, I expect top notch service since I`m paying a monthly amount that rivals some of the most expensive plans in the world.

With that said I`ve been having issues with my 4 month old Touch Pro. It frequently misses calls. Callers will be automatically directed to the voicemail with no evidence of a call taking place in my call history. As I use my phone for my business this is unacceptable. The next issue with the phone is that it draws more power per second than the charger can provice. Sound crazy? It`s not... If you are having a long conversation and your phone is plugged in, it WILL inevitably shut down due to battery power. You are forced to wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow charging while the friend you were talking to is getting your voicemail. In a world of overpriced plans and smartphones I expect more.

Given these problems I decided to phone Bell Mobility. I called them at 2:49pm and was on hold for 2hours and 20mins until I was disconnected. Annoyed and frustrated I phoned back at 5:12pm. Amazingly I got a CSR in seconds of waiting... how does that work? Over a two hour wait and 5 minutes later it becomes a 10 second wait?
Something is seriously wrong with their dispatch department.
The CSR I got this time was monotone and didn`t show much empathy for my 2hour wait. I asked to speak to a manager right away as I know this person couldn`t help me. They agreed and transferred my call.

The only problem was they transferred me to another CSR?
Annoyed & very frustrated I asked once again to speak to a manager. The new CSR agreed and put me on hold once again.

At this point the phone shut itself down. It wasn`t able to operate on the power provided even though it was plugged into the wall outlet. Unbelievable.

5:34pm I phone back after allowing my phone to charge.

I am told by the automated service that there will be a 45min wait to speak to a CSR. I wait 20mins and get someone. Finally, thank god.
This guy was helpful, the only issue was he accidentally hung up on me with his elbow. Yeah really. He phoned on his personal cell phone after he had hung up and appologized. He told me since I was disconnected from the call centre I would need to phone in again and wait. Defeated I said thank you and hung up. At least the guy phoned to tell me what happend.

5:58pm I called Bell Mobility once again. Waited on hold for 45mins. Finally got a CSR. Admittingly I was frustrated and let her know my true feelings for bell all the while telling her it wasn`t personal and that she was doing a fine job.

She told me that all though I spent $150 on an extended warranty 4 months ago. I can only trade in my phone for another Touch Pro.
They were too busy to allow me to speak with a manager but one will be phoning in the next 24hrs.

I will be asking for another model of phone as the issues I have cannot be fixed with a replacement.

Let this be a warning to all cell phone customers. Stay clear of BELL MOBILITY. They are another heartless coroporation.

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      Sep 02, 2009

    I totally agree... The CSR are really fast at responding to email but don't seem to pay attention to the comments within. Also emails are bounce to different CSR so each person has to be re-informed of the issue.

    I have the same phone and am disgusted by the high rates they charge here. Yes they will argue the area is big but they've keep the density low in alot of areas so they really aren't paying nay more for infrastructure per number of subscribers.

    But since the phone is CDMA I'm stuck with Bell... can't just change the sim card and be done with them. Join the Facebook group against Bell... with enough people our voices can be heard.

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