Bell Canada / unused receivers/returns


I spoke to several customer service reps from last august through to november 2018, because that's how long it takes to get through to bell representatives that most often sound like they are foreign, and not canadian. I was assured that once I returned the receivers I would get credit for time unused jan 2017 to present. Today I spoke with the rudest customer support personnel. I hope the conversation was recorded, because I have returned the receivers and I want the credit for time unused. Approx $10/month for a total of 24 months. As i've indicated several occasions ive been a bell customer for over 20 years. I pay the exceedingly high rates for poor service because the bundles are convenient. I would gladly change to cogeco and will do so soon, because if I do not receive credit for the receivers, this will be the last straw for me with bell. Receivers were received by bell jan 16 2019 and I expect the 199.00 plus taxes each, for the charges I was given november 2018 because the receivers were not yet returned. I expect an immediate response to this issue. I also asked someone higher up than the person I spoke to today, to phone me immediately, but with bell's lack of service and integrity i'll probably be waiting a while. I'm appalled with bell canada.

R. Prosia

Jan 28, 2019

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