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Bell Canada / poor product and misinformed customer service reps

1 L'Amable Ontario, Canada

I am writing this after almost 15 years of frustration with your Service as well as your Customer Service.
In the early 2000s, I owned a cottage near Coe Hill Ontario, which was about one mile from the end of your DSL service line. My choices were the impossibly slow dial up or the terribly expensive Turbo Stick.
Your Billing process was flawed to the point I was once charged $50 for an overage on my monthly bill and your Customer Service was incredibly ill prepared to deal with anything outside the box. When I finally convinced your Representative to actually look at my bill, he apologized profusely, but it took another half hour to get my money refunded and to make sure this did not happen again.
I was stuck in this frustrating position because Bell was the only service available to me.
In 2012, when we moved across the bay to a year round home, things started out good, my wife and I had close to $500 a month in Bell services, two Residential Lines, Satellite TV, two, sometimes four cell phones, depending on how many kids were on my plan, and I still had to use the Turbo Stick I brought from the cottage.
When the Turbo Hub became a reality, we had to drive about an hour and a half to Renfrew Ontario to pick one up and as I found out later, although I wanted a paper bill, the agent in the store wrongly chose paperless billing when registering my account.
I make $100000 a year and paying the money is not the issue………..remembering to write the cheque is my problem. My intention was to make my account paperless when I was sure I was getting and paying for what my wife and I wanted.
So, when three months went by and I never saw a bill, I did not yet realize that the agent in Renfrew had chosen paperless billing until I got a nasty call from one of your Customer Service people basically calling me a deadbeat. When I told him I had received no paper bill, he told me that I opted for paperless billing when acquiring the Turbo Hub.
Naturally your Rep does not believe that I did not opt for paperless billing and began the deadbeat treatment, but I immediately paid the balance I owed and your agent changed my account to a monthly bill.
I thought that my troubles were over, but they were not.
Along with the paper bill came thirteen straight months of calling your Customer Service because there was something wrong with my bill.
During this time my wife and I were moving from Brampton to the lake and arranged to have our Brampton Residential Line disconnected at the end of October. Seems simple enough, but no……….our service was disconnected at the end of September by mistake.
When we called your Customer Service about this and the agent realized it was your mistake, she still insisted we had to pay to have it reconnected for the last month. I blew a gasket and finally got that charge taken off our bill.
After a year of similar crap, we were researching other options for our services.
When I had to call back for the thirteenth time I told the man I was speaking to just shut all my services off today!
He said I cannot do that.
When I asked why he said there would be service charges and I told him I did not care, just disconnect me!
We ended up with Shaw Satellite TV, Xplornet Internet and TELUS phones.
In 2015 we moved from the lake to be closer to my wife's work in Bancroft and continued with the Services we had.
We live in a valley and the cell phone service, both TELUS and Bell Mobility, is so terrible that we had to get a Residential Line, and as you were the only game in town, I held my nose and called to arrange the service.
I explained to your Rep my bad experience a few years back and said "I hope we can be friends again".
I thought things were looking up when she told me that DSL Internet was also available and I told her to book an installation.
That euphoria didn't last long as she called me back the next day to tell me that DSL was not available in my area.
Our internet service is so poor that any website you go to that forces the Flash Player to run slows everything down and Internet Explorer stops working.
As I began meeting my neighbours and the conversation got around to internet service, they indeed did have DSL.
When I called your Customer Service about this I was told that the service was not available at my house.
I did a little research on my own, including speaking with the technician in the Bell truck while he was installing my sister in law's Fibe. My sister in law lives on the same road as I do and the technician tells me that although we are near the end of the line we would be able to have DSL and subsequently Fibe, if the switch box on our road had more than 25 hook ups. Since the initial running of the DSL service on our road, there have been a number of houses built, but there are still only 25 connections available.
When I called your Customer Service again asking about DSL, I was again told it was not available at my house.
When I told the lady what the Service Technician in the truck told me she got flustered and put me through to someone else who asked me my address. When I told her where I live, she told me that my address did not exist.
I told her that the availability page on your website shows two options, neither of which is right. This conversation occurred in April 2017.
I live at 990 Detlor Rd, L'Amable Ontario K0L 2L0...L'Amable has its own Post Office.
I asked her how come Bell can send my Residential Line bill to the correct address in L'Amable, but for internet, the address does not exist?
Fifteen years ago I could not have DSL because the service did not run past my cottage.
Now I am learning that I cannot have DSL because Bell will not add more connections.
As I am typing this letter I checked availability of Fibe at my address and my address is still not showing up.
The availability search returns two addresses, neither of which is mine. You have known of this error since April!
The first one is Detlor Rd Bancroft Ontario and the second is Detlor Rd Stone Mills Ontario.
Maybe you are not adding more connections because you are trying to force us to use the more expensive, less reliable Turbo Hub or maybe, as you can see; their address information is not up to date.
Xplornet has launched their new satellite and their service is at least as good as your Turbo Hub.
Before I cancel the Turbo Hub Service, I wanted to give you a chance to make this right and connect my home to the Fibe network.

Dec 31, 2017

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