Bell Canada / internet connection with bell aliant

On May 21 I called in to have my Internet hooked up at my summer home. (Campground)...this call took forever.

That same night I received a confirmation email.

It showed the wrong address so I called back, after being a long time on the phone they could not help me because the order was still in process, he said it had to be more then 24hours, but he was going to note that. I should call again. I tried the next but too long of a wait on the phone.

On Sunday, May 27 I received a courtesy call, in order to confirm my appointment. It was Sunday afternoon, I was at Walmart's (answering my calls). I repeated the problem of wrong address, again after being on the phone for over 15 minutes, she returns and tells me that she cannot make the changes because it is Sunday and that department was closed, but again she tells me that she will take note, and that someone would call me. Nobody called.

On Tuesday afternoon, since nobody called, I called back, adding that I was confirming because I did not want to take the day off and nobody would show up, (because this did happen to me last summer.). They could not even find the location, finally after 30 minutes on the phone with someone from Ontario, that was actually one day younger then me so he shared, the changes were made.
After that call, I did receive another call (from a line in the United States) confirming my order.

Today, once again I take the day off work( I leave my students with a supply teacher, so not much learning today), at 2 o'clock, I receive yet a call informing me that the installation could be today, the technician was stuck! So I have to book another date. Can't, t take off again and leave my students- so I book Saturday...not sure why but I do book again.

May 30, 2018

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