Bell Canadahorrible treatment and deception

I requested to transfer only my fibe tv to my new address cancelling my internet and phone as my new address provides this for free. I called May 6th originally.I was told by Kyle that couldn't be done as he must transfer all three services to the new address and then I can request to cancel internet and phone. I mentioned it made no sense and I dont see why id be paying for services I will be getting for free from my new landlord. I was assured no charges for internet or phone would apply as of May 6th and was apologized for the inconvenience.
On May 13th, bell tech shows up and installs all 3 services. He tells me that he will put in the request to have internet and phone cancelled and I should be contacted soon. I was never contacted and service continued with all 3. I called back around the 16th to complain about the service and the fact that I still had all 3 and was billed for them. Also, no one has contacted me to confirm cancellation. The female rep on the phone had no clue what i was talking about as there was no request for cancellation of any services on file. Again, i got another apology and was reassured by this agent that she is sending a request to have the charge reversed. She mentioned she will put the request for cancellation but had to transfer me to another dept for the cancellation. Was told by the second agent that my request was processed and it will take effect by the Friday.
Within 24hrs of speaking to this person my tv, internet and phone where out of service. It was NOT Friday! So of course I call back. Again a bunch of apologies, transferred to 4 difderent people having to explain my situation over and over because the agents wouldnt explain what was going on to the next person, they would just cold transfer the call. Finally I am told the original install was done incorrectly and that is the issue because the service is still running fine on their end. They scheduled another tech to come out and fix the problem.
Had Kyle listened to my initial request, the install would have been done to avoid having all this back and forth!
Keep in mind no service of any kind until the following day when the tech arrived. I had to take work off and in my line of work, we just dont take time off suddenly, it needs to be scheduled in advance! My employer was not happy at all.
Tech fixes the issue and tells me that if they would have listened to my first request, he wouldn't be here having to waste his and mines time. Again he tells me he will request to have the internet and home phone cancelled.
I get a call from a Pascale who was rude and couldnt understand my situation at all. He had it in his mind I didnt want to be a client of bell. I never once said that. All I wanted was to maintain being a client of bell but no longer have internet or home phone. It was not a difficult request but yet has made my life for the past month a living hell. I hung the phone up on him and refuse to communicate with this rude individual!
I am now being threatened to pay a bill I dont feel i owe, otherwise it will be sent to collections. I dont owe any money to bell, have always paid my bills. Have been a great customer in my opinion and have been treated horribly by bell. I am emailing because I can I longer speak to the agents at the contact center because of obvious reasons. I want resolve for the incompetent behavior and poor treatment I have received in the last month. I would like continued loyalty from bell as I have been and would continue to show my loyalty to you! This matter needs resolve. I dont know what service I have, has my request finally been taken care of? In addition my tv service is not working well and I have to reboot the box every few days and thw pvr keeps going in and out. If this matter is not resolved quickly, i will have to end my service with bell and do what i need to in order to get some justice! Please treat your clients better.
Tara Innes

Jun 04, 2018

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