Bell Canadabilling by bell

When you cancel your service with them (like many do since they rip off their customers - I had a 95% increase in my monthly charges over the course of 23 months with no changes to my services), they will send you the final bill but they will remove all credit they had promised you and you had been receiving for however long you were their customer. They refuse to pro-rate their promos and give you a portion of them just because they are money hungry pigs who could care less about you.

Be warned about this before you cancel your services mid-month because it may be cheaper to actually keep their crappy service til the end of the billing cycle to ensure you get the promos they promised you. Oh, and by the way, they put all three of your services with them on separate billing cycles just so they can screw you even more and not cancel all your services at once so they can then remove the promos on your other services for partial months.

May 07, 2017

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