Belk / gold pearl ring and chaffin top

Jacksonville, AL, United States

Hello, I purchased a pearl ring when belk at regency mall before moving down atlantic boulevard. When I purchase the ring the sales person told me that if I needed repairs because it was a pearl, to make sure that I sent the product back into the people I purchased warranty with. Therefore, about six months later I proceeded to return the ring in an envelope to the people on the address for the warranty. When I return the ring they proceeded to keep my ring and tell me that no product was sent in it at all. When I call the company because I didn't receive a return the ring in the mail and belks also, nothing was done. Evem though it was theft within their 3rd party company. Not only did I get false information from the salesperson, I also lost my $75 ring that I paid for which was on clearance for 75% that's why it was so cheap. And the next year I purchase a chaffin blouse and thes tag put in to makw sure item was not stolen, it left a hole in the shirt the hole is still in the shirt because of them poking it. Hello I purchased a pearl ring and was not satisfied with their response of nothing. I have had a credit card with them several years and am thinling maybe I should be with dillards since they treat their customers better. Belts quality is really decreasing in sales people and workmanship

Jul 06, 2016

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