Belk / estee lauder promo

I am very unhappy with a recent order and the attempts to resolve this issue. I ordered a foundation during a promotional event in which I was to receive a free gift with purchase. I was within the limits of the promotion and received the foundation I ordered at a price of $34.88 total. The foundation arrived quickly and my card was charged the amount. However, no promotional item. No explanation. I waited a week thinking they would ship the promised item when it became available. Upon checking on the item I found that they were "out of" the promotional item and it had been "cancelled"! No rain check, no voucher, no apology. I called to ask if they could send a voucher so that I could take it to a local makeup counter that sold estee lauder and pick up the promo item locally. The customer service rep did not have that authority. Bottom line: I think it is dishonest to knowingly charge a customer and send a product without notifying them that the promo item is cancelled and won't be arriving nor replaced!!! It is a tactic to get your $ up front and then not provide what was expected. Estee lauder runs these promos to get people to order their product-which is the exact reason I waited to order my make up from belk. I should have been told the promo item wasn't available and given the opportunity to cancel the order! They knew they didn't have it when my card was charged. If this isn't resolved I can choose to order all makeup from another retailer such as dillard's profitts or similar. I will not make any clothing purchases or otherwise at belk, either. This is such a small issue that they could easily remedy-i find it ridiculous that I even have to jump through these hoops when they could settle this so easily.
My order number was #[protected]


Apr 18, 2016

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