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I originally came to this site to complain about an associate at belk. The woman literally yelled across the store, "do you have a card with us?" I told her I thought I did and she asked if she could check. Originally, I was going to complain about her. But you know what? I read the other complaints against this company, and I am not complaining about that woman. That woman was desperate to keep her job. Instead, i'm complaining about this insane belk policy! I understand that belk makes a great deal of money from interest fees. But it seems the focus of the company has shifted from selling quality items and providing exceptional customer service to mediocre items and employees who's jobs depend on your credit. Ridiculous! Belk needs to get a clue. I'm cutting up my card and hope others will do the same.

Also, it would be nice if the company provided new flooring for all belk stores. I've never been into a belk store that didn't have carpet that was caked in chewing gum.

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  • Ha
      3rd of Apr, 2012

    When we gather for our morning huddles at this work place thats all we talk about is how many credit cards we opened. the sales team get cash rewards for you applying even if you are declined. theres no focus on a clean friendly affordable store. sales team gets money taken out of their checks if they are not selling as much or opening credits.

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  • Ha
      4th of Apr, 2012

    Shes just saying that she feels sorry for us at this job that we have to pray on peoples credit to keep our jobs and our pay. making a dash to beat the other sales ladies to a customer, they resort to desparate measures. i wouldnt want to support a company that focuses on greed forgeting the needs of the customer and employee. if they arent making corporate richer they get pay taken away hourly. Punishment for not forcing a customer to apply for credit in a horrible economy. Horrible place to work which is why theres such a high turn over of employees. we all wait for something better to come along and bolt for the doors.

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  • Ra
      5th of Apr, 2012

    Shop somewhere else OP.

    Amen Whythelongfaces.

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